Businessman from India Gives an Unusual Wedding Gift to His Daughter. Find out what kind of Gift it is!

The wedding ceremony is a dream of almost every girl from the very young age until the moment when it really happens. Some parents save for their children’s wedding ceremony to provide the best and most beautiful ceremony. Some want a modest and small party, and some do not practice any wedding ceremonies at all. In any case, in this article you will read about the father who gave an unusual gift to his daughter.

Manoj Munot is an Indian businessman who owns a construction company in Aurangabad’s Lasur town. Moon is considered one of the richest people in India. He set aside a large sum of money for his daughter’s wedding ceremony. But instead of a wedding ceremony, he decided to use the money for a much better and nobler cause. Moon decided to spend the money to build 90 homeless houses instead of the lavish wedding ceremony and great luxuries he could afford. His daughter Shreya Moonot supported her father’s decision. 90 families enjoy these homes. Moon’s wedding gift to his daughter was exactly this humanitarian gesture. Whether Moon’s daughter and the groom really agreed to her father’s decision remains to be seen.


Large sums of money are spent on wedding ceremonies, especially for those grandiose wedding ceremonies that take place in luxurious locations, with luxurious reception, with luxurious food, luxurious decoration and total luxury of everything else. Maybe it’s a good idea, if all the financially powerful people could set aside a certain amount of money to donate to charity. Not everyone would give up on the wedding ceremony, because it is a dream of almost every girl, but a certain amount of money that would be donated to charity, could positively affect the lives of many homeless or poor families. Let us awaken the human side in each of us and strive to improve our society and meet at least the basic needs of vulnerable families. Only then would the world really become a better place to live for each of us.

Would you give up your wedding ceremony for such a cause? Would you give up your dreams and luxuries for such a noble gesture? What are your thoughts? Your opinion means something to us, so we encourage you to share it with us.