The Best Cure For Prostate

One of the biggest health problems that men meet from time immemorial in all parts of the world are the problems with the prostate. They can be of different nature, size and shape. Almost every second person older than 45 years have had prostate problems, and it is likely that we all will experience if we welcome old age. The prostate is a muscular organ the size of a walnut that has a ring-like part that closes the urethra. Its function is to produce secretions which transports sperm.

The reasons for the increase in prostate are not known, but presumably large role may play some hormones, such as testosterone, DHT and estrogen. A common symptom of an enlarged prostate is the problem with frequent urination at night, and it stems when the enlarged prostate presses on the urethra passes. Also, other symptoms include: when urinating the first jet comes late, the stream is weaker than usual, inability to urinate and a feeling of overcrowding.

The answer of medicine consists of various therapies, but often medical treatments are ineffective or insufficiently effective. Some of the problems that plague men who have problems with prostate are frequent urination, inability to fully discharge, nighttime urination, malaise, chills and pain in the lower back and genitals, problems with erection, ejaculation and so on.

However, here we introduce you to the most powerful weapon that is available to us in nature to fight with all listed diseases of the prostate. It’s called the willow herb (Epilobium parviflorum). Willows purpose has been known for hundreds of years, but over time, under the influence of medicine, its power is slowly forgotten. The plant has become topical again thanks to the most famous folk herbalist from Austria, Maria Treben, whose books have sold over 10 million copies. Maria personally cured thousands of patients with prostate problems across Europe, using only modest herb willow.


One full spoon of dry or fresh herb scalded in 2 dl boiling water. Leave it for 5-10 minutes, remove the grass and drink the tea. Drink this tea twice a day in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime. Drink the tea as much as you need, but at least a few weeks. You can expect the first results very quickly from the improved situation.

The tea is used in all prostate problems and gives excellent results. With this tea Maria Treben had successfully treated inflammation of the prostate and bladder, problems with urination caused by prostate, urinary bleeding, discomfort and pain in the prostate and bladder, and kidney, prostate and bladder.

It is interesting to mention that the Willow Tea as the best cure for prostate, is mentioned in all continents, cultures and languages, which speaks for its universal recognition and success.

This tea has a pleasant taste, the plant is completely safe and don’t have to worry about any side effects. There is no need to increase the dose of this which we refer to you, no more than two cups of tea per day for 2 dl.