10 Amazing Uses of Coca Cola You Have Never Heard of

Coca Cola is certainly a drink that is the favorite drink around the world. From the youngest to the oldest enjoys its taste and is an irreplaceable drink. But did you know that Coca Cola can be used for many other purposes besides as a beverage? Even if you are not a fan of carbonated drinks, what you will read about its use, you will definitely try at least one of them. Read on to find out what you can use Coca Cola for.

1. Remove the chewing gum

Do you have gum stuck in your hair? Without panic, we have the solution. Put some Coca-Cola on the chewing gum and leave it for a few minutes. Then try to carefully remove the gum. It is not that you will be able to remove the mastic immediately, but still after a few attempts the mission will be successful.

2. Pest protection

Coca-Cola is sometimes used in agriculture as a means of protecting plants from insects. This means that farmers do not use chemicals, but sugar syrup that attracts red ants, which are the biggest enemies of pests. You can also use this against snails that commonly appear in gardens. Put Coca-Cola in several containers and arrange them throughout the garden.

3. Hair whitening.

Surely at least once you have dyed your hair, but you do not like the shade, or your hair turned out too light or too dark. Coca-Cola is a lifesaver for your hair. You can whiten your hair if you wash it with Coca Cola. Coca-Cola contains citric acid and essential citrus oils that provide a whitening effect.

4. Natural curls

Want to have perfect curls, but hair spray is not really helpful? Don’t worry, Coca-Cola is here to help. The orthophosphoric acid contained in Coca-Cola strengthens the cuticles of the hair, which also gives a shiny and slightly curled look to the locks of your hair. The balance between acid and alkali is provided by the low pH of Coca-Cola, which is especially important for dry and brittle hair. After wetting your curls with Coca-Cola, wash your hair with shampoo.

5. Relief from pain

Last but not least, Coca-Cola can help relieve pain. Wondering how? If an insect stings you, it is enough to put a coating dipped in Coca-Cola at the site of the sting. Itching and tingling caused by the sting will be significantly reduced. Coca-Cola contains caffeine which has an anesthetic effect, so this drink can be used in case of jellyfish burns.

6. Rust removal

If some items in the home are rusted, Coca-Cola is here to help. You can use this drink to clean metal objects, Coca-Cola is especially effective in dealing with rust. All you have to do is pour Coca-Cola on the affected areas and rub with a sponge.


7. Dissolve the fat

Are you tired of greasy surfaces in the kitchen utensils and kitchen surfaces? Coca-Cola is perfect for dealing with grease. This drink acts on the fats by dissolving them, so you can pass all the dishes with a sponge dipped in Coca-Cola, leave them to stand for a few hours, and then wash them.

8. Cleaning coins

If you are a collector of old coins, you must be annoyed that they darken after a while. Coca-Cola can help with that by dipping the coins in a bowl of Coca-Cola and letting this powerful drink work for 10-15 minutes. You can shake the dish from time to time and then wash them with water, the result will delight you.

9. Unpleasant odors

If any of your items smell like gasoline or some kind of fuel, all you have to do is, if possible (depending on the item), soak it in a 1: 1 solution of water and Coca-Cola. Then wash the items with clean water. You can also remove the smell of fish or any other unpleasant odors.

10. Cleaning the toilet

Coca-Cola has proven to be a powerful cleanser even on the toilet bowl. This is due to orthophosphoric acid which is an excellent scale remover as well as other impurities in the toilet. Spray the coca shell with coca cola and leave it for a few hours. Then rinse with water.