10 Surprising Benefits of Cold Shower

Showering is essential for hygiene. But depending on the temperature, the time spent underwater can also bring certain health benefits. If you prefer a cold shower, find out how your showering habits can affect your health.
Cold water can help speed up blood circulation, and this means a fresh and glowing look on your face. The good news is that you do not have to be under cold water for too long. Even if the water is lukewarm, it will be enough.

The habit of daily showering with cold water helps your skin stay young and beautiful. Cold water also activates the nervous system, and then the body releases hormones that fight stress. Several researchers suggest that psychological stress has a direct impact on skin aging. Cold showering has been shown to be better for your hair and skin. While warm water can dry out the skin, cold water hydrates it and helps you deal with dry skin.

A cold shower sends huge amounts of electrical impulses to the brain and stimulates the release of “happy hormones” or endorphins. When the body releases these hormones, the stress level decreases, so you will avoid problems like acne, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Credits to: powerofpositivity.com

Cold water also shrinks pores. A hot shower can cause redness of the skin while cold water causes the opposite effects.

Cold water shower is great for your body! Lower the water temperature a few minutes before the end in order to wake up your body. This momentary change in temperature will relieve your body of fatigue and keep you awake for a long time.

Showering with cold water for two to three minutes and once or twice a day is recommended by researchers as a treatment for depression. According to research, a cold shower stimulates an area in the brain called the blue dot, which produces norepinephrine, which is a key hormone in the fight against depression. Other studies have shown that cold showers increase the level of beta endorphins in the blood. They send significant electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain, which can have an anti-depressant effect. Of course, do this if you do not have health problems, otherwise consult your doctor.

Cold water radiates and improves sleep. In the morning if you have difficulty waking up, a cold shower is a great way to wake up. A cold shower immediately wakes up your body and is really the most effective way to relax.

Credits to: powerofpositivity.com

With a cold shower in the morning you will start the day fresh. Also in the evening if you have trouble falling asleep, the cold shower affects easier sleep by relaxing and unwinding your body. So that according to the biological needs that dictate that it is time to sleep with the help of a cold shower you fall asleep easier.

A cold shower improves circulation. How does it work? When cold water comes in contact with your body and external extremities, blood begins to circulate at a faster rate to maintain body temperature. Experts also say that frequent cold showers prevent cardiovascular disease.
A cold shower helps to rebuild muscles. Especially after a hard workout in the gym, a cold shower is key to muscle recovery.
The cold shower helps in the quality of breathing, ie the cold shower forces you to take a deep breath, and the energy you get with proper and deep breathing is enough to help you spend the rest of the day with energy.