15 Ancient and Ingenious Tricks 100 years old

In 1910, Gallaher Ltd. published 100 cards with ancient useful tricks. Who knew that they would be usable for a hundred years or more? Take a look at some of them that you can apply in today’s everyday life.


  • How to wash bottles

Washing the inside of the bottle requires a technique that has been used for a long time. All you need is water and sand. You need to put sand in the bottle and fill it with water. Then shake the bottle vigorously. The results are great.


  • How to boil cracked eggs

Until now, you may not have thought about what you can do with cracked eggs, unless you cook something with them right away and have to throw them away, right? To boil cracked eggs, all you have to do is add a little vinegar to the water while they are boiling.


  • How to remove a piece of glass

Surely at least once it happened to you that a glass in your hand was broken and a small piece of glass was stuck in your skin. How to remove it? You need a small bottle of hot water. Bring the bottle closer to it and push it to where the glass is. As the water cools, it will literally suck the glass out of your skin, so you can remove the glass from your skin.


  • How to remove ink stains

You must have smeared yourself with ink at least once. All you have to do is put the fabric in the milk immediately. After a while you will notice how the stains disappear.


  • How to revive flowers

Surely you want the flowers to last you as long as possible, right? To revive the dead flowers, all you have to do is put them in hot water. As the water cools, so will the flowers come to life. Then all you have to do is cut the stems and put the flowers in cold water.


  • How to separate stuck glass?

When the dishes are collected, we just pile them in the sink. Sometimes the glass jams get stuck in each other and we can not separate them. What to do then? To separate the glass cups from each other, you need to fill the hot water in the glass above, and immerse the lower glass in hot water.


  • How to cook the most delicious potatoes?

We are all looking for a way to cook delicious meals. The recipe for cooking the most delicious potatoes is to add sugar and salt to the bowl of boiling water.


  • How to keep eggs fresh for a long time?


To keep the eggs fresh for a long time, they need to be stored properly. What does that mean? This means that you need to store them in salt and store them in a dry place.


  • How to cut fresh bread?

Everyone wants a beautiful full slice of fresh bread. Although in modern times we have bread that is sold sliced, some people still consume a whole loaf of bread. For that purpose, in order to be able to cut a beautiful slice of bread from such a loaf of bread, you only need to dip the knife in hot water.


  • How to light a a matchstick in the wind?

This is a particular problem for smokers who always forget their lighters somewhere, so there is a match in their jacket pocket. To be able to successfully light a matchstick while the wind is blowing, make a few side incisions to make the fire burn more slowly.


  • How to pass stretching faster?

Played football or basketball and lost muscle? Now the pain is bad and you can not move it normally? All you have to do is cover your wrist or muscle with a wet cloth. Try it and you will be surprised by the result.


  • How to test butter?

Can’t figure out if this is what you bought for butter or margarine? Rub a little butter on a piece of paper and burn it. Pure butter smells good, but margarine does not.


  • How to find out if the bed contains moisture?

Do you suspect that your bed contains moisture? How to find out? Place a small mirror between the sheets. If it gets foggy after a while, then you definitely need to ventilate your bed or maybe replace it with a new one.


  • How to cool wine the fastest way?

All you have to do is cover the bottle with a towel and put it in a bowl of cold water, and then leave it together in the fridge. The wine will cool much faster that way.


  • How to make a fire extinguisher?

All you need is a little salt and a pound of ammonia that you need to dissolve in two liters of water. If a fire breaks out, the bottle will burst into flames and a more serious fire will probably be avoided. Just in case, you can make a few supplies of this liquid.

Image credits: secretlifeofmom.com