15 Optical Illusions That Will Play With Your Mind

Optical illusions that play with our eyes and minds often appear on social networks. Optical illusions have always been an interesting way to train the eyes as well as the mind. Some of them are easier to understand, while others require more attention and concentration. Here are some optical illusions that can skillfully fool your mind.

  • How many colors do you see in the photo?

Credits to: bashny.net

Although it looks like there is a whole rainbow of colors in this picture, in fact, the blue and green spirals are the same color – green. There is no blue in this photo.

  • Do you see a chessboard with black and white squares?

Credits to: bashny.net

The gray halves of the black and white squares are actually the same color. Gray can be seen as black or white, depending on the color next to it.

  • Can you focus?

No matter how hard you try, you can’t just focus on one drawing. The more you look at the character in the picture, the more it seems to you that his eyes are moving up and down, that his whole face is moving up and down.

  • What color are the squares that are in the center on both sides of the cube?

The brown and orange squares in the middle of both sides of the cube are the same color. If you need proof, check it out for yourself in the next picture.

  • You see a black and white photo, don’t you?

But look at the black dot for 15 seconds, so the photo will become in color.

  • What color are the horses?

Credits to: bashny.net

Both figures are the same color.

  • Are the squares marked A and B the same color?

Credits to: bashny.net

Look closely. Both squares are the same color – gray. If you still can not believe it, look at the solution in the picture below.

  • Do you notice the green smudged dot moving in the circle and replacing the purple dots?

It does not exist in reality! Concentrate your attention on the cross in the middle, and you will notice that the purple dots will disappear.

  • What color are these squares?

Either green or pink, no other color.

  • What do you notice between the lines in this photo?

There are black dots at the intersections of all the white lines – except the one you see at the moment. In reality, those points do not exist.

  • Look at the black dot…

Do you notice that the line turns blue?

  • Hold the focus on the black dots for about 30 seconds

Concentrate well, then after thirty seconds blink a few times and look at the white wall. What do you notice?

  • Focus on the center of this photo for a few seconds

Have you noticed that the fuzzy and colorful shapes disappear, leaving the background completely white?

  • How many shades of color can you see in a photo without counting white?

If you answered 3 or 4, your answer is incorrect. In fact, there are only two: Pink and Green.

  • A disappearing background

If you look closely at the dot in the center of this photo, the gray background will disappear in a few seconds.