21 Stages of the Toxic Love Affair between Narcissist and Empath!

Empathy is for people who have the gift of compassion for other people, they feel other people’s emotions as their own, they are gentle and caring people. Empaths are great listeners. They are ideal friends, because they will always be here to listen to your problem, and of course to try to find a solution to it. As love partners they are completely committed and loyal to their partner. Everyone would like such a relationship with empath.

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In contrast, daffodils have a mental disorder. Quite the opposite of empathy, the world of daffodils revolves only around them, their needs and interests. Daffodils have an increased sense of their importance. Narcissists feel superior, expect admiration from other people for no particular reason. Narcissists do not feel the need to care about other people or their emotions, because only they are important. The truth is that in this way, the daffodils hide their little self-confidence, which is so fragile and small, that even the slightest criticism can completely destroy them.

The relationship between empath and narcissus is the most toxic love affair that can exist, it is the absolute truth. In addition, we share 21 stages in this love relationship and find out if you are in such a relationship.

1. Narcissus has a magnetic attraction. Empathy as we mentioned is dedicated to the partner and in love. The love that empathy gives is deep and unconditional. Narcissus does not want to create a deep relationship, he wants to stay towards the superficial relationship without serious emotions. So the empath is the one who is unhappy and dissatisfied in the relationship, but he deceives himself that the presence of the narcissist is enough even though the love is not returned.

2. The empath thinks he has found the love of his life. Narcissus creates such an illusion that he is the ideal partner for the empath, that the empath begins to believe that it really is. The empath believes that there is a perfect bond between him and the daffodil that is impossible to break. The only thing the narcissist wants is to hold the strings in his hands.

3. At this stage, the narcissist tries to destroy the empath’s self-confidence. Everything that the empath will do is not good and does not meet the high criteria of the daffodil. The narcissist does not attack directly with insults, but insidiously with a sad face and a mask of regret. Of course, it is a matter of holding control in the hands of the narcissist, and the best way to do that is to shake or completely destroy the self-confidence of the empath.

4. The narcissus becomes the center of the universe for empathy. The empath gets the false image that he and Narcissus have a great relationship and are strongly in love with each other. The empath will be the one who will always be next to the narcissist, who will try to be a supporter of the narcissist. Narcissus will constantly pretend to be a victim, will be manipulated constantly towards the empath.

5. The empath participates in the relationship completely honestly. Unfortunately, the empath is the one who can not see the intentions of the narcissist. The empath is constantly trying to cure the daffodil with love, but somehow it all starts to seem like an impossible mission.

6. At this stage, the love affair begins to revolve only around the narcissus. The empath is the one who will begin to perceive these things, but in spite of that he will try to constantly fulfill the wishes and needs of the narcissist, even though he does not feel happy in his relationship.

7. Empathy is with sincere feelings constantly through the relationship with the narcissist, so the narcissist has the feeling that he has control in the relationship. When the empath begins to notice all the irregularities in the relationship with the narcissus, then many things will begin to surface.

8. Empathy raises its voice. Many of the things that happen in the relationship between the narcissist and the empath will become unbearable for the empath, so here the empath will realize that the whole idea of ​​their relationship was a complete illusion. Certainly the narcissist will not be satisfied with the subsequent course of events.

9. Narcissus is a person who needs constant attention. No matter how much love and attention is given to them, daffodils are never satisfied. Daffodils always want something more.

10. When the truth comes out, when the empath speaks about his emotions and expresses his dissatisfaction in the relationship, he will encounter denial and criticism by the narcissist. Narcissus will not react positively to the empath’s attempts to save their relationship and will completely ignore the empath, even trying to further manipulate everything in order to regain control of the relationship.

11. Empaths will start blaming themselves for their relationship not going in a positive direction. Of course, Narcissus will be here to support such thinking with additional accusations.

12. At this stage, the empath does not realize that he is again and again the victim of manipulation by the narcissist. The empath can no longer see the real picture of their relationship, but closes in on the illusion created by the narcissist in his head.

13. Honesty has no role in their relationship. Empathy is completely honest, the narcissist is the one who will always try to shift the blame to the empath and justify his own incorrect behavior.

14. Empath begins to think about everything and dedicates himself to himself. Slowly he begins to regain self-confidence and reasonable thinking and begins to perceive some things.

15. Empaths have a strong gift for healing other people. Empaths have the ability to reduce other people’s pain.

16. This phase is a revelation to the empath. The empath reveals the truth about the connection with the narcissus. Empathy reveals the true intentions of the narcissist, his evil motives and hidden manipulative techniques. The empath faces the truth that the narcissist does not actually feel true love for the empath.

17. Empathy reveals that he is the real victim in this toxic love affair.

18. Another revelation about empathy. The empath understands that the daffodil will never change. The empath realizes that he needs to get on with his life and that he needs to finally end this toxic love affair.

19. For the narcissist, this end of the relationship does not represent anything tragic or any special loss. He does not attach importance to all the love or respect he received from the empath, as if he had never existed in his life.
20. Narcissus continues his life, in search of his new victim.

21. Finally, the empath learns a lesson from the toxic love affair he had with Narcissus, becomes wiser and realizes that he should never be in such a relationship again, in which he gets nothing but gives of himself.