28 Day Challenge for Flat and Strong Abdominal Muscles with Just One Exercise!

Everyone wants to have a well-shaped body and strong muscles. Most people spend hours exercising in the gym to achieve good results. Those who want to exercise, eat a healthy diet and lead a healthy life probably already know what we are talking about. Exercise is a pleasure for some, a pain for others. Those who enjoy exercise, practice going to the gym, running in nature and similar physical activities. Those who do not like exercise, accumulate fat in their body and hope that they will magically disappear. There are also people who have great genes and fast metabolism, so that even with minimal or no exercise they have a well-shaped body and not a bit of fat in it. Bless them! Everyone wants to not have to exercise and the body fat to disappear by itself.

Unfortunately, not everyone has that privilege. Genes, metabolism or whatever, fact is fact. If you want to lose weight and have a well – shaped body, you need to practice physical activity. Most people who exercise have the goal of having a firm and toned stomach, as well as well – defined abdominal muscles. What if we tell you that it is possible to do it with just one exercise? 28 days and only one exercise is all you will need to achieve great results.


Wondering how?

Have you heard of the plank exercise? Some of you may have heard, some may not. Let’s explain what it’s all about. It is one of the most effective exercises that affects all muscle groups in the body. You will need 28 days to achieve the desired results. At first glance, it may seem like a long time, but you take a break every 5 days. The duration of this exercise increases every day. In the following we will tell you how to increase the time for performing this exercise every day.

Day             Seconds
1 – 3                 20
4                 30
5                  40
7 – 8                 45
9 – 11                 60
12                      90
14 – 16                 90
17 – 18               150
19 – 23              160
24                  170
25                  180
26 – 27               220
28      (until you fall)

This is the plan you need to follow to successfully complete this 28 day challenge. All you need is a soft pad, a stopwatch and you can get started. Increase the duration of the exercise daily according to the table. On the last day, try to endure as much as you can in that position. It is important to be constantly in the correct position, to lean on your elbows, and your body to be in a flat horizontal position, not with your buttocks up or very down. We guarantee that you will make significant progress in 28 days. We must mention that the current weight also plays a big role, you can not expect from being overweight to reach a weight that is 20 kg less than the weight you will start with. However, you will feel the effectiveness of the “plank” after the first day, after the first stage of the exercise.