4 Тhings that Happen to our Body when we Sit for 8 Hours Every Day

The work atmosphere and work responsibilities of each of us come down to either too much physical work or sitting in front of a computer for too long. The problem with sitting for too long is most often found in people who spend their working hours sitting in front of a computer. Not just sitting at work in the office, but also sitting in front of the TV or playing computer games. Even in such situations, time passes quickly and you will hardly notice that 5, 6 or more hours have passed in the same sitting position. Although daily sitting may not seem like a bad habit, it can still be a serious problem for your spine.

Thus, considering how much time we spend in a sitting position during the day, it is very important to sit in the correct position. Improper sitting and poor posture can cause twice as much stress as standing. However, proper sitting does not always mean that your spine is ok.

What happens to your body after sitting for too long?


  • Slow or poor digestion

Most people who work in the office also spend their lunch break in a sitting position, but the problem is that they continue to sit after a meal. So they are constantly in the same sitting position. Sitting after a meal can slow down the digestion process, and slow digestion can cause more minor problems. As soon as you sit down your metabolism and your body calm down. As a result, the number of calories burned is rapidly reduced, and thus the production of the enzyme that breaks down fat is reduced.


  • Circulatory problems and high cholesterol

Poor activity as well as prolonged sitting can cause circulatory problems, as well as swelling, weak bones and even osteoporosis. Prolonged sitting can also cause cholesterol to rise, so for people who spend more hours in a sitting position it may mean they are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. That is why it is important to be physically active to maintain good blood circulation. Use every moment when you have a break to get up and move.


  • Weak muscles and joints

When you sit for a long time, the muscles of the buttocks, back and legs do nothing, that is, they do not perform any function. Consequently, the sudden decrease in muscle strength causes a greater load on the skeleton and thus creates a greater load and damage to the joints. So the more active you are, the stronger you can become, that is, maintain strong and healthy muscles and joints. An active life also retains flexibility. Rest after exercise can be good, but still do not forget to stretch your muscles with appropriate exercises.


  • Posture problems

It has been proven in medicine that the back muscles begin to die faster, thus increasing the health problems caused by prolonged sitting. Prolonged sitting can cause pain in the shoulders, neck and back. It can also cause poor posture. The longer you spend in a sitting position, the better your chances of bad posture. Most often, people tilt their necks and shoulders in front of a computer, causing them additional pain. This also impairs posture.

The consequences of the years you spend in a sitting position are slowly accumulating in the body and you will notice the same consequences somewhere in the mature years of your life. Therefore, it is very important in time to try to get up from your chair during the working day and get out into the fresh air, even if only for 5 minutes, to try to maintain a proper sitting position, ie to sit in an upright position and to be as physically active as possible. It is recommended to take a break every hour and get active for at least 1 minute, but still your body will be grateful to you and you will benefit from it.