7 Air Purifying Plants that you can Grow in your House

There are several plants that can improve the quality of the air in your home. These houseplants will provide you with a clear air because they are very powerful in removing the toxins and, in filtering the pollutants. Here are some of the best houseplants which will purify the air in your home.


Apart from embellishing your house, the colorful flowers of chrysanthemum are extremely effective in filtering out benzene. The benzene is usually found in plastics, paint, detergent and glue. This plant requires a direct sunlight so, in order to promote the opening of the buds, you should place this plant on some spot close to the windows.

Warneck Dracaena

Warneck Dracaena has an ability to remove the toxins found in oils and varnishes. You should occasionally trim this plant because it can grow up to 12 feet. Also, you shouldn’t place it in direct sunlight.

Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe vera plants are very helpful in purifying the air from benzene and formaldehyde. These compounds are mainly found in household cleaners, which is why you should place this plant in your kitchen. Apart from cleansing the air, the gel contained in the aloe vera plant can be used to treat skin burns and small cuts.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are very beneficial for removing pollutants which are usually found in dry cleaning products. In order to filter these pollutants, you can place these bright plants in your laundry area or in your bedroom.
Bamboo Palm
The bamboo palm is effective in filtering out benzene, as well as toxins most commonly found in the air by carpeting and furniture. This small palm needs to be placed in some dimly lit area in your house.


The azaleas have an ability to remove the formaldehyde which is released from foam insulation and plywood. These plants grow in slightly cool temperatures, so, if there is some bright area, you should consider placing them in your basement to filter out the pollutants.

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

The mother-in-law’s tongue is helpful in filtering out contaminants that are most commonly found in cleaning products and toilet paper. And, since they can grow with very little lighting, they are the perfect plants that can be placed in your bathroom.

Credits to: juicing-for-health.com