7 Interesting Facts about Dolphins

We can freely say that dolphins are the most popular animals because of their obvious desire to play and have fun, nice appearance and friendly approach. Maybe there is no other animal like the dolphin, which is friendly to the environment and to other animals that are not dangerous to them, as well as to humans. That’s why they are so popular with people in general.


  • Dolphins make friends with other animal species. Scientists often witness games between dolphins and whales, precisely because of their friendly nature. Like dogs, dolphins are known for their friendly qualities.


  • Dolphins know how to give gifts. People admire dolphins along the shores, and dolphins often know how to bring a gift to those people. In Australia, there have been almost 23 cases of dolphins bringing gifts to people along the coast. Wondering what kind of gift a dolphin could bring to humans? Well, those are mostly dead animal bones, but that’s a gift, isn’t it?


  • Dolphin is adopted by a mother whale. In a research on the oceans in the Gulf of the Islands, the research team came up with a phenomenon for a mother whale who adopted a dolphin. The team in the long-term research, assumed that the mother whale probably lost her cub, so the mother’s instinct made her take care of this newborn animal even though it is different from her and in fact is not hers.


  • They are lifeguards. You have probably heard many stories about how dolphins rescued drowning people and shipwrecked people on the high seas. Sometimes they took part in rescue operations by chasing sharks. However, rescue does not only apply to humans but also to other marine species.
    Dolphins help injured dolphins. Dolphins, in addition to being good friends with other species, still do not forget their relatives. Dolphins have been spotted many times returning to places where there have been other injured dolphins, intending to help their relatives.


  • Dolphins have excellent cognitive abilities and love good fun. These animals have high cognitive abilities, so they are often defined by some scientists as “inhuman beings”. According to scientists, the reason for these abilities is the similarity of brain structure and social order. Dolphins love to have fun and are great acrobats under and over the water, they enjoy performing acrobatics and give the impression that they enjoy life and their existence.


  • Dolphins mate with pleasure. Dolphins are one of the few mammals that mate not only for breeding but also for pleasure. This applies to both males and females, and this phenomenon has previously been observed only in pigs and primates. An interesting fact is that the female dolphins were engaged in real prostitution. 😀

There are definitely many more things we do not know about dolphins that are yet to be learned. Finally, we can conclude that they are really extraterrestrial animals, with many interesting features and abilities, considered to be quite intelligent animals that are really environmentally friendly.