8 Year Old Girl Receives Gifts from a Crow She Feeds for 4 Years

Life is a cycle in which we all sooner or later get what we deserve. It is a fact that the way we treat nature and animals is the way they will return to us one day. We have witnessed situations in which a fruit that is carefully and lovingly grown grows into a huge tree with many fruits. It is in a way the gift that nature gives us back for what we do for it, because of our care. We have witnessed situations in which a dog or kitten saves the life of a baby or child. We have witnessed trained dogs that make life easier for immobile elderly people. We witness that animals know how to thank the owner or a random person who will offer him food and water.

Surely it has happened to you that at least once a bird lands on your window and you give her crumbs of bread to feed her. You must have come across a homeless dog that was starving and that you gave him something to eat. Not to mention the homeless people who are unfortunately too many, not to mention you must have met at least one person in your area to whom you brought food or warm clothing. That is the humanity in you. It is a positive instinct that tells you that you should help someone if they need it.

We often come across recommendations from various animal protection associations that used chewing gum should not be thrown away everywhere. This is because birds often recognize them as food in the form of bread crumbs and often suffocate trying to eat them.

Have you ever fed a cat, which may have happened to be in your yard, and brought you a dead mouse the next day? That matters to the cat. It is her way of thanking you for the food you gave her, you gave her food and she brings it to you. It may sound illogical, but it is.

Yes, animals have their own way of thanking you for the food you give them. Proof of this is this 8 year old girl from Seattle who has been feeding crows that land in her yard or on her window for 4 years. Her name is Gabi Mann. This girl has a container in which she keeps all the “ gifts “ she received from the crows. Wondering what kind of gifts these are? She gets a variety of small items such as a broken light bulb, screws, buttons, a paper clip, a Lego cube, various iron objects, earrings, pebbles, beads, small plastic items, etc. For Gavi, these gifts are very important and he thinks that in that way the birds thank her for feeding them. For her, the biggest favorite are the pearls colored hearts, which she thinks are a way for the birds to show the love they feel for her.

Gabi started feeding crows when she was 4 years old. She started throwing some crumbs through her neighborhood, and then the birds somehow found their way to her house and so she took care of them. The crows escorted Gabi in the morning before she went to school, hanging on the high cables above her school bus. They often knew how to “ greet “ her when she returned from school. Gabi’s mother says she is proud of her daughter for sharing the food with the crows. She started feeding crows together with her daughter and it became their daily routine. They have made vessels in which they leave water for the crows.

Gabi received a gift from the crows in the form of a small piece of metal that said ” best “. For her, it has great symbolism and she says that she would not be surprised if one day the crows bring her a similar object on which it will be written “ friend “.

According to a scientist John Marzluff who specializes in birds, namely crows and crows, he says that if someone wants to establish a relationship with one of these birds, it is best to do it through constant feeding. Peanuts in shell are the food that these birds adore. Peanuts in shell boost their energy. In one of his studies, John Marzluff explained that it is possible for humans to have a relationship with crows. Crows observe the posture and patterns of the one who feeds them. Crows communicate with each other by croaking, just like other birds. While they can establish a relationship with people through feeding. He explains that crows are accustomed to coming to places where they are given food, so as a sign of gratitude they reciprocate by leaving them various items as a gift. The scientist says that it can happen that the crow leaves a dead baby crow as a gift to the one who feeds it.

Gabby’s mother, Lisa, regularly photographs crows, as well as their behavior and poses. She explains that it happened to her once that she lost her lens cap in her neighborhood while taking photos, and then after returning home she found the lens cap at the place where she leaves food for the crows. Gabi and Lisa believe that this is not a coincidence, because crows are constantly watching them and have the ability to remember the faces of people they love.

Crows are amazing birds that we may not know much about. It is worthwhile to get to know these birds with a closer relationship and believe that you will be surprised by many of their features. Try to make friends with crows and you will be surprised by the gifts you will receive from them in return. Remember that goodness and humanity always return with goodness and humanity. Today you will help someone when they are most needed, another time they will help you, whether it is a human, animal or bird.