90% of Social Network Users Failed to Provide the CORRECT Answer to this Question. Can You?

In front of you is a new puzzle that has become a viral hit on social networks. Social network users failed to give the correct answer, and those who did succeed are in a very small number. This is a real challenge for your brain and your logical thinking. You will need to think about this challenge in detail and precisely. It is time to show your mathematical abilities but also logical thinking. Are you ready to show your abilities and skills?


The question is the following:


There are 7 MEN. Together they have 7 WIVES. Each man and each wife have 7 CHILDREN. How many people are there in total?


Do you have any idea how to solve this puzzle? Here are some tips. The most important thing is to pay attention to the information that is not given, and on the other hand, although it sounds contradictory, you should not think too much. With this formula, if you can say so, those few people managed to solve this puzzle. Will you be one of them?


Did you manage to get the right solution? What number did you get?


Let’s explain about those who failed to get the right solution, explain how it came about and how accurate the result is.


The correct solution to this puzzle is the number 63. Let’s start from the beginning of the puzzle. The puzzle says there is 7 men. Then that there are 7 women, and each of them is married to one of the men. So consequently the task should be set 7 + 7 = 14. Furthermore the task says that each of those 7 pairs have 7 children, then the task should be set like this 7 x 7 = 49. Furthermore the puzzle asks how many people there are in total , so we add 14 + 49 and get the correct result 63! So the answer is that there are a total of 63 people!