A Chinese Face Map that Reveals the State of your Health

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, your internal organs are closely related to the parts of your face. If you suffer from some health issue, there is a signal on your face which can provide you with information about the health of your organs. If you notice some problems on your skin, such as changes of your skin color, redness, rashes or pimples, the source of your problem may be more dangerous than you think. Here are the parts of your face that can indicate a variety of health conditions.


If you notice any changes on your forehead, you could be dealing with some digestive condition affecting the bladder and the small intestine. Poor digestion usually occurs due to processed food, foods that contain a high level of fat, sugar and alcohol. Also, these organs can be affected because of a lack of sleep and increased stress levels. In order to treat this, you should drink plenty of water, eat raw food and, sleep more.

Between your eyebrows

Signs on the area between your eyebrows suggest that you may have a liver damage. This is most likely to happen if your stomach lacks rest. In order to prevent any problems with your liver, you have to avoid meat. Instead, you should consume more vegetables. Healthy food, fresh air, exercising, fast walking, as well as yoga and meditation are the best preference in order to treat your liver.

Eyebrow arch

If there are some signs in this area, you are likely to have some kidney issue. The kidneys, as well as the blood circulation and the heart, most commonly are affected by sweetened drinks, caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes. Another reason for kidney damage can be dehydration, which is why you should drink a lot of water.



The skin under your eyes and on the upper part of your cheeks indicates that you have a lung condition. Lung problems are usually caused by pollution, smoking and asthma. In order to treat such problems, you should try to be exposed to fresh air as much as you can and, you should do regular exercises. The lower part of your cheeks suggests that you may have kidney damage, which is why you must improve your diet and, you should avoid smoking, sugars, unhealthy food and stress.


Changes of the skin on your nose indicate that you have a high blood pressure and a heart condition. These issues most commonly appear as a result of bad circulation, swollen stomach and a lack of fresh air. In order to treat these conditions, you have to detoxify your body with green tea and to exercise regularly.

Mouth and chin

Problems on your chin and your mouth signal that you are dealing with some stomach issue. The stomach is affected by foods high in sugar and fat, alcohol and caffeine, as well as stress and a lack of sleep. If you have this problem, you should consume a lot of fruit.

Jaw and neck

If you have rashes and pimples on your jaw and neck, you may be suffering from some hormone condition. In order to treat it, you should avoid caffeine, spices and salty food. Instead, you should increase your intake of water.