A Few Things to Know about Blood Type

There are four different types of blood – A, B, AB and 0. The blood type is very important for our organism. Every body type has her own characteristics. To improve your health you need to know the characteristics of your blood type.


Blood type and your diet

It’s very important to make balance between your blood type and your diet. If a person eats according to his own blood type gets young body. Of food, beverages and supplements take only what you needed. Every blood type has different metabolism who needs different vitamins and minerals.

People with the blood type A, have sensitive digestive system and it is difficult to process animal protein and it’s better to avoid them. They need to avoid meat, milk, dairy products and take more cereals, fruit, vegetable. That will help to all people with this blood type to have better life, health, energy and to maintain their line. People with this blood type are vulnerable to illness like cancer, heart problems, diabetes, and it’s important to consume food fresh unprocessed.

The blood type 0 is the most often blood type in the world. People in this blood type have better digestive system and they can eat more animal proteins, so they need to eat more meat. Except meat they need to eat vegetable and fruit, to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates. People with this type of blood are vulnerable to disease like ulcer and problems with thyroid gland.
People with blood type B can eat different types of food without problems.


They have good digestive system, but it’s good to avoid wheat, corns, lens and tomatoes. This products adversely affect metabolism and cause fatigue.
Blood type AB is extremely rare. Only 4 – 5 % of people have this blood type. People with this blood type need to avoid coffee and cigarettes and smoked meats. More often need to take vegetable, sea food.

Blood type and diseases

People with blood type A are vulnerable to disease with cancer, heart problems, diabetes.

Blood type 0 is not resistance of ulcer, problems with thyroid gland, reflux. Also suffer from fatigue, fluid retention in the body.

People with blood type B suffer from autoimmune diseases, lupus, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome.

People with blood type AB need to avoid stress situation.

Blood type and personality

Different blood types take different characters to. The blood type A are good analytics, good listeners, sensitive, inventive, creative, pay attention to details.

The blood type 0 have leadership skills, organized, decisive, objective and practical. Blood type B are creative, original and flexible. They have strong intuition. The blood type AB emotional, friendly, passionate.

Blood type and stress susceptibility

People with different blood type, have different reaction on stress. People with blood type AB are the most vulnerable to stress. People with blood type A are difficult to deal with stress. The researches show that the level of stress can be reduced with gentle, unaggressive exercise. You need to do this type of exercise three times per week for 30 – 40 minutes. Holders of blood type 0 when are in stress situation they show anger, hyperactivity, impulsiveness.

Blood type and abdomen

Susceptible to obesity and fat deposition, are people with blood type 0. They need to make exercise very often, 3 – 4 times per week.