A Girl from Denmark Stopped Trimming her Eyebrows and Earlobes: “I do not Care what Others Think”

Waxing is one of the most common ways to remove unwanted body hair and most women prefer it because it has many advantages over other methods. The best thing about waxing is that the hairs are removed from the root and the skin stays smooth for 2 to 6 weeks. And the worst thing about waxing is the pain.

You will surely agree that waxing is synonymous with pain. Many beauty treatments can be painful, but it is known that women always want to look beautiful and make great sacrifices because of it. The intensity of the pain mostly depends on which area of ​​the body is undergoing depilation, but also on the person himself. Some describe the pain as intense and unbearable, while others describe it only as uncomfortable and insignificant. Not every woman is ready to subject herself to this kind of pain, so some simply give up waxing.

Eldina Jaganjac is a 31-year-old girl living in Copenhagen, Denmark. She grew up in a city where they strictly adhere to the norms of female beauty. As the years went by, she became increasingly frustrated with the pressure on women to expect what they should look like in order to be accepted in society. In March last year, she decided not to trim her eyebrows and not to remove the hairs above her lips.

Eldina from Denmark regularly receives insulting messages because she does not want to remove her mustache and thick eyebrows. The girl says that she decided on this look to avoid unsuccessful meetings and bad men.
“Unlike men, we are expected to spend a lot more time and money on appearance. If the man does not shave, no one will comment on it. So I decided not to be a critic. For example, in the past, I could not imagine leaving home with untidy eyebrows, or going to the gym if my leg hair was a little overgrown. “It’s different now,” said Eldina.

By accepting yourself as she is, you have regained your self-confidence and are not interested in other people’s comments about her appearance, although many do not accept this as appropriate.

“I do not care what others think. Let everyone do what they want. I would like people to bother less with what women should look like. “It happens that strangers approach me on the street and tell me that they are glad that I am not the same as everyone else, but some just shout and insult me.”

“I learned to be creative and more open. However, I am careful where I go because people know how to be aggressive because of my appearance. We are all different and that is fine. There is no right and wrong. Everyone has the right to look their best. “I am not against shaving either. I support all those who decide for themselves what to look like.”

Image Credits: www.unilad.co.uk

What are your thoughts on waxing? Are you one of those people who want to keep their natural appearance and do not want to undergo waxing? Or maybe you are for smooth and waxed skin all over your body? Write us your thoughts on this topic in the comments.