A Man Eats 13 Bowls of Cereal with 138 Spoons of Sugar a Day

Phillip Patrick, a young man from Worcester, has been eating 13 bowls of cereal every day for the past 3 years. He became a cereal addict when he left his home at the age of 19. Ever since then, this guy’s daily diet consists of 13 bowls of cereal with 138 spoons of sugar added to it. After these three years, Phillip is seeking for help to overcome his unhealthy cereal addiction.

This Cereal Addict Fears That His Diet Can Kill Him

In the past 3 years, Phillip has consumed 14, 235 bowls of cereal. He eats 6 cereal boxes and 15 pints of milk in only one week and, he consumes a 5 kg sugar bag every nine days. On top of that, he washes all this down with cups of tea containing 6 sugars. This sugary cereal addiction has a great negative effect on Phillip’s health.

Credits to: bloggersarena.com

Within only three years, this man’s weight went from 96 to 210 pounds. Phillip, nowadays a father of one, is highly exposed to the risk of many severe health conditions, including a heart disease and cancer. Phillip’s family is very concerned about his problem because he refuses to eat anything but cereal. And when he eats in restaurants, the only thing that he consumes is a sugary dessert.

However, Phillip starts to raise a concern about his health and, he is determined to make some changes in order to fight this eating disorder. He is trying to break this bad habit and to get his healthy life back.