A Nepalese Festival Celebrates Dogs Every Year

Raise your hand if you’re a dog lover. We have nothing against cat fans, but dogs truly are a human’s best friend. Dogs love us unconditionally and they should get the same in return. Unfortunately, they often don’t, and in many cultures, they are treated horribly.

Not in Nepal, though. Every year, the Nepalese hold an annual celebration of dogs that remind us to appreciate the small things in life.

Every fall, Hindus celebrate the Diwali or “festival of lights”. In Nepal, though, the Kukur Puja or Kukur Tihard is a festival dedicated to the celebration of dogs. It lasts for 5 days with the second reserved for our furry buds.

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During the festival, all dogs are celebrated by giving them special foods and treats and putting flower garlands around their necks. They are also marked by a “tika”, a dot on the forehead which shows respect.

This indicates that the animal is sacred just like it should be. This isn’t a festival for pets – stray dogs are adored too.

According to ancient Nepalese texts, dogs are the messengers of Yama. For those of you unaware, that’s the Hindu god of death. By celebrating dogs, the Nepalese appease to Yama and hope for good fortune. The ancient Hindu text Mahabharata also mentions dogs. In it, Yudhishtira, the king of justice, never leaves his dog’s side or enters heaven without it.

If you ask us, the whole world should celebrate dogs like the Nepalese. Our furry friends deserve it.

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