A Woman Sings to an Elephant – this is Amazing

There is probably only one thing in the world that can have the biggest power. That power lies within the music.it can lift the spirits of a person, brighten our mood and day, and can relax the soul.

And the age doesn’t even matter here. You may play music to a baby to sooth it down or put it to sleep. You can use it for yourself or anyone around you, no matter the circumstances. Whether you’re driving a car, or at your workplace, or just had the longest day ever, there is always music to take you take you out of the real world and calm you down for a bit. It works for all ages, for every human being, everywhere, with no exceptions.

Now imagine that it does not only work on people, but it works for animals too. We have a short story to tell you today, and it is about how music can work to sooth the animals too. After all, they are not so different from us.

In an Elephant Nature Park, located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, works one special, marvelous caretaker by the name Lek. She is a true inspiration. She describes and shows how music can work as as a lullaby for the elephants.

She has a favorite elephant, it’s name is Faa Mai, and he does the absolute cutest thing ever when she sings to him. The moment she starts singing, he instantly falls asleep. She comes to him and pets him until he is sound asleep.

These two have an amazing bond, one which is definitely hard to find, and it had been sealed by no more than the sound of the music. She is an amazing woman and to see them with your own eyes, to see the connection they have, is a true treasure and a blessing.