An Еmployee Reveals the 7 Secrets of McDonald’s

McDonald’s is definitely the most successful fast food chain that no one is indifferent to. All those burgers, french fries and everything that comes on the menu of their offer, satisfies the appetites of the youngest and the oldest. However, there is a saying that is typical of Las Vegas, but McDonald’s employees have reformulated it like this: “What happens at McDonald’s remains at McDonald’s.” Wondering why? Well, every restaurant has its own secrets. Learn the secrets of McDonald’s.


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Secret #1 Silent revenge

No one wants to listen to nervous and rude customers, no matter how right you are and no matter how justified your mood. The employees are not to blame for that. So if you are rude then McDonald’s staff will give you back your indecency on a plate. That is, you will have an incredibly bitter dose of indecency in your burger, coffee, or whatever you have ordered. Do not anger those who have to prepare your meal, what you see in the movies that the waiters spit in the coffee of the customers, can become your reality.

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Secret #2 Courtesy pays off

Quite the opposite of secret # 1, if you want to get something extra, such as extra dressing, extra sugar or the like, it is more than enough to be friendly and polite. You will be gladly served by the McDonald’s staff.

Secret #3 Flat rate coffee

Surely you have ever had a half-empty cup of coffee, and the disappointment is too great since it is your first coffee of the day and you just want a big full cup of coffee. But that’s one of the things McDonald’s employees are “saving”.

Secret #4 Bad taste

If your Milkshake tastes weird or tastes really bad, it’s because McDonald’s staff are really lazy, so they haven’t cleaned the Milkshake machine properly. The leftovers from the previous day in combination with the other ingredients give a bad taste.

Secret #5 Break in the fridge

McDonald’s employees have really short breaks, and since they all work in one place in a hot atmosphere from the grills that are constantly working, they even use the short break to go to the toilet to get in the fridge at least briefly to cool down.

Secret #6 “The Legend of Mayo”

There are different types of mayonnaise at McDonald’s, and of course “The Legend of Mayo” is the best of them all. You may not always get it as an addition to your meal, but you should know that all you have to do if you want that mayonnaise is to kindly ask the staff.

Secret #7 New recipes

Yes, you should know that if your BigMac ever tastes weird, it’s because of the employees who experiment with burgers. Yes yes, during the break some of the employees like to play bosses and make interesting combinations, so you can find BigMac with bacon, MekChicken with cheese or similar weird combinations in your order.