Basic Etiquette Rules that should Become your Way of Life

Manners are a reflection of human culture. Bon ton rules are a set of social rules for good behavior. It is important for every person to know and apply the rules of good behavior, because the way of acting represents his being and culture. Sometimes it seems that people forget about the rules of good and decent behavior, so it is always welcome to remember some good tone rules that all people should follow. Although the rules of cultural conduct may differ in different countries around the world and between different nations, this does not mean that they should not be applied and should not be known.

No matter where you are in the world, it is important to leave the impression of a cultural figure. Although you may feel that you are doing everything right, it is still possible to make a mistake somewhere. So let’s remember the basic bon ton rules that every person should know.


  • Proper behavior in public places

There are three types of people – those who arrive early, those who arrive on time and those who are late.

If you are not the first type, ie if you do not have the habit of getting to certain places earlier, probably when you go to places like cinema or theater, you will have to go through seated people to get to the place. The only correct way is to face them, not your back. Next time you will probably think that it is better to arrive earlier than to pass among so many people and be comfortable, right ?!

If you are the first type, you are the one who has to let the people who come after you get to the seats. In this case, do not continue to sit. It is uncomfortable for people to cross your legs as an obstacle. Get up and make it easier for everyone.

Talking on the phone, texting, watching something on the phone, commenting on what is happening in front of you or in the movie, as well as talking to those next to you is uncultured in cinema, theater, and even at a concert. People do not come to events to listen to you. It is best to leave the conversation about the play, movie or concert for later, after the event is over.


  • Dress for occasions

Casual: This can be anything from a short-sleeved T-shirt and jeans – to shorts and a shirt or blouse, depending on whether you are cold or hot, and you can consult with others who will attend. In any case, it is important to feel comfortable inside and out, and at the same time to respond to the dress code of the event.

Casual Friday: A day marked by companies and that day you can go to a more casual combination of work, but that does not mean you relax too much like a picnic. This means that you can get rid of the uniform and you can wear anything you can think of, jeans instead of classic pants or a skirt, a plain blouse instead of a shirt, sneakers instead of high heels, in a word, a casual variant that will suit you. However, the tidiness of your appearance should be at the highest level, because you should not forget that it is an event from work.

Business casual: You need to be neatly dressed and avoid clothes that are too tight or too wide, you just need to be stylish and culturally dressed. This may include a piece of clothing that you practice wearing to work that resembles a business dress code or a casual variant or a combination of both as the word itself says – business casual.

Formal Business: This is ideal for business people who want to make an impression wherever they appear, and will do best with a dark suit (or blazer skirt) and formal shoes. You will not go wrong here, because the very word formal business says everything about what your outfit for this event should look like. Do not experiment with additional casual options as you may leave a bad impression and feel uncomfortable, which would not be good for your image in front of business colleagues.


  • Human manners

Do not talk on the phone while standing in line at a store or cafeteria. Especially when the seller is already starting to ask you questions. It is rude to him, and to everyone else in the queue who needs to listen to your conversation, and at the same time wait for you to finish charging and patiently wait in line behind you.

Do not bring pets wherever you go. They do not enjoy shopping, and not all people feel comfortable around them at any time and place. For each pet friendly place there is an appropriate mark and in those places you can freely take your pet.

The same goes for pets when you visit – first ask the owners if you can take your pet with you before taking it to someone else’s home. It will be much more comfortable for you and the owners who might not feel comfortable with your pet. It is good to be clear with their views.


  • Proper behavior in the gym

If you are late for a group exercise class, it does not mean that you have to go back to your place and become someone who has already taken it – it is your fault that you are late and take the first free place. Of course, in addition to your arrival, you should apologize for the delay and not disturb the training of the others, but to fit in and continue where they left off.

When you have finished using the weights, return them to the minimum weight so that the next one will not be injured when it starts.

Use a towel to wipe the sweat off your hands, body, and equipment that someone should use on you. No one would want to sit on a chair soaked in the sweat of someone who has previously exercised.


  • Manners at the table in a restaurant

If you are in a restaurant or at a fancy lunch / dinner where special handkerchiefs are used, and you need to get up from the table, put the napkin on a chair, and not on the table if it previously stood on your lap or on a blouse.

When you have finished eating, you can put it on the table, but not in the plate to show that you are ready with the meal.

It is uncomfortable when you go somewhere to visit, and there is food on the table that you are allergic to. To avoid such a case and to embarrass the host, emphasize in advance which food you are allergic to.