Believe it or Not! One Family has so Little Space, so the Son has to Live in a Cupboard!

Each of us is accustomed to have at least our own bed in our home where we can sleep comfortably, in better cases even every child has a separate room in the home and also the parents are in a separate room. This sounds great and it would be great if really every family has the opportunity to afford this luxury, if it can be said to be a luxury. There are families in which children do not even have their own sleeping space. It often happens that siblings all sleep in the same bed, literally huddled next to each other. These are not normal conditions for functioning, because the need is more than clear that every child or every member of the family should have their own bed in which they can sleep comfortably every night.

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We will introduce you to the Forrest family, whose members are parents Cherry and Darren, as well as their three children. But the number of children does not end here. Early in their marriage, Darren and Cherry moved into a counseling center with their three children. But after a decade, their family expanded to 7 more members, meaning that Cherry and Darren had a total of 10 children. This is where the main problem arose, as there was a lack of space for each child. Cherry and Darren had to take drastic measures to put each child to bed. When we say drastic measures, the term radical measures is better. Why? Cherry and Darren had to adapt their house to the needs of the children. So the two of them were forced to remove the hinges from the doors in one of the bedrooms so that they could make enough space to accommodate their children’s beds. To make it even more incredible, what radical measures this family had to take, we will tell you that one of their children has autism and is forced to sleep in his closet. Yes, you read that right, one of the children has to sleep in his closet. This family has exhausted all its possibilities both financially and factually in order to provide enough space for each child. This family has been on the waiting list for a bigger home for 3 years. With that in mind, they had to do something to accommodate all their children. That is why they decided to take such a crazy step.

Generally this family has the biggest problem because of their son who is autistic. Since he is autistic his needs are that he must have his own private space and he does not want anyone to touch his things. And in such a small space with so many people it is almost impossible. The only solution these parents could make was for their son with autism to sleep in his closet. Darren and Cherry explain that his room was once a closet room and that they had to turn it into a bedroom, so the only way was to remove it back to make the bed.

But that is not the only problem. Their eldest daughter suffers from epilepsy and also needs her own space, but there is not enough space for her to afford it. As the parents explain, it sometimes happens that their daughter gets an attack at night, so they have to call an ambulance, and given the fact that the three older girls are sleeping in the same room, so these events wake up the other children. . As the parents explain, they say that it is not only up to the sleeping conditions, but life in such a small space in general. As they say, they literally live on top of each other.

The problem of not having space to sleep is not the only problem for this family!

This family also has a problem with mold. Their house was already worn out and damaged too much. They explain that the smell of mold is felt everywhere in the house, they have a problem with water leaking in the bathroom due to which the ceiling collapsed. For their problems as well as for the hygiene in the home, even the Children’s School was informed, which informed the council that their way of life has an impact on the children. They received a visit from a social worker where the social worker noticed that the conditions in which the children were growing up were not appropriate.

We can hope that as soon as possible this family will get their new home in which each of them will have a private space in which they can function normally.