Body Language Reveals The Thoughts Of These Women. Find Out What It Says!

Body language plays a huge role in communicating with people. It is a way of channeling people’s feelings. Understanding the messages that others send nonverbally can tell you a lot about their feelings, thoughts, and intentions. Not everyone has the ability to read personalities according to their movements, so if you have that ability and read body language well, that is a great trait. But even if one of you does not have the ability to do it, the possibility of learning it is not excluded.


When it comes to “reading” body language, you should know that people often imitate the messages sent by the other person. This is especially true when there is a common interest and such behavior is a sign that the other person really likes you and wants to get to know you better. You also need to know that every mind is different and thus thinks differently. So there are no unified answers and one should think that there are other factors for a certain behavior of the interlocutor, so as not to get a wrong perception. You should also know that the ability to recognize body language messages requires time and effort.


Now, if you think that you are an expert in recognizing body language, in front of you is a perfect puzzle that will prove it. In this picture there are four women who have taken a certain pose and expressed certain feelings. From their body language we can see that each of them is interested in the man. But the question is, which of them attracted the man the most? What does his body language say?

Look at the picture carefully, note all the signs that will help you get to the answer. Each of the women expresses some emotion and interest in the man. But what does the man’s attitude say? What is his most attractive women? What does his body language say? Analyze his attitude and try to come up with the right answer.




When you look at this picture very carefully, you will notice that the man’s legs are turned towards only one woman. It is the woman with number 3. In a psychological research by Alain Pias in the book “Body Language” he explains that the man who is interested in a woman, is inclined and completely, so as we can see in the picture his torso is completely turned to the woman with number 3. So, according to this analysis, from the speech of the man’s body we can see that he is interested in the woman with number 3. Also according to this analysis, we can notice that the girl with number 3 is interested for the man.

It is really interesting how much the body and the face can reveal about our feelings and thoughts. Some people manage to hide their thoughts and feelings skillfully, but for some it is so obvious that they can do nothing to hide it.