Boost your Energy with this Simple Ice Cube Trick

Want to restore your energy? I mean, who wouldn’t, actually. Luckily, we have just the trick to help you with it. Unbelievably true, but it includes an ice cube only. Yes, you got that right, nothing more nor less than an ice cube. This is a Chinese related to acupuncture technique which surprisingly does wonders for the body. What you need to do with the ice cube is to place it on a certain point called the Feng Fu, which translates as wind mansion and is located on the place where the neck and head connect and presented in the photo.

Hold the cube for around twenty minutes, and in about thirty seconds only you’ll start to feel the difference. For example, if you had a headache, it will miraculously disappear. You’ll definitely feel freezing at the beginning, it’s ice after all. But after half a minute you’ll start to feel it pass to hot at the very place.

These cold to hot variations will contribute to release endorphinin the blood, giving you the most ultimate euphoria. However, this is not the only benefit from it. It wouldn’t be worth writing about it if there weren’t for other benefits of this strange in a way but successful treatment. It is at the same time used to cure and treat many ailments and conditions, such as:


  • Contributes to a better sleep;


  • You’ll definitely forget about the common flues or colds;


  • Improved circulation;


  • No more digestion issues;


  • Helps it to say goodbye to every ache possibly, such are the headaches, toothaches or joint pains;


  • Forget about the problems with the thyroid gland;


  • Cure a spine or neurological disorder;


  • Improved breathing and cardiovascular system;


  • Releasing asthma;


  • Curing from depression, insomnia, stress and fatigue;


  • Cures malnutrition and obesity;


  • Relieves hypotension, hypertension and arthritis;


  • Aids frigidity, infertility and impotence;

You should definitely try out this method. It’s absolutely worth it. Your entire body will feel rejuvenated and well balanced. It will make you feel both happier and healthier.

Note: Just have in mind that it might have some counter effects on people who suffer from schizophrenia or epilepsy. You should be really careful when trying it out on them. Also, you should definitely avoid it if pregnant or if you have a pacemaker.