Can a Glass of Rice Water a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Rice water has been widely associated with a myriad of benevolent and nutritional qualities. There are sources that even link the use of rice water in prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, though more research is needed on this topic. Moreover, rice water is quite beneficial while recovering from a fever or diarrhoea: it can replenish the fluids that you lose while you are sick, soothe your stomach so you do not feel like vomiting and restore some of the nutrients you lost. Diarrhoea can lead to severe dehydration in babies and children, as they are more prone to certain kinds of infections in comparison to adults, and one study found out that rice water helps managing diarrhoea in babies by reducing the stool’s frequency and volume.

Not only is rice water great in treating dehydration, especially during the hot summer days when it can help you stay hydrated and prevent you from losing nutrients when you are sweating; it is rich with carbohydrates, which are our primary energy source, so drinking a glass of rice water in the morning can keep you fresh throughout the day! It also contains starch which can stimulate the growth of the good bacteria inside your guts and the plenitude of fibre can ease your bowel movements, so it is recommended in preventing constipation as well.

Rice water also contains oryzanol which can fight the UV radiation from the sun and it can supposedly be used in preventing some types of cancers.
So, the next time when you are preparing rice; remember to use fresh, drinking water to cook it and after you are done boiling it, simply pour out the water from the cooking pot into a separate bowl. Use a sieve if necessary so that you do not leave any rice in the bowl and finally, fill a glass of your freshly prepared batch of rice water, drink it and enjoy all of its nutrients!