Can Dogs Recognize Bad People ?!

Dogs are considered to be exclusively interactive and social creatures who are at the same time the best friend of their owner. They are considered a member of the foster family. People usually consider them their own children. People become attached to their pet and their relationship becomes quite strong.

Dogs have their own way of expressing their needs. They know how to show you that they are hungry, that they want to go to the toilet or that they have some pain or something. They find their own way to show you all that. They are considered empathetic beings and are believed to be able to sense human emotions. According to some research, dogs can feel people’s emotions before we process them. Amazing right? It sounds like you have a perfect friend who can feel how you feel before you show it or even before you express your feelings. That sounds like a perfect friend to you, doesn’t it?

An even more fascinating fact about these amazing creatures is that they have the ability to recognize bad people. Several experiments were performed. In one study, an experiment was performed that proved that dogs do not show confidence in the person who lied to them and that they can feel bad. In the dogs’ first experiment, a man showed them a bowl of food. The dogs went to look at the food bowl. In the second experiment, the same man left them a bowl, but this time empty. In the third experiment, the same man showed the bowl to the dogs, but this time the dogs just ignored it. Wondering why? The dogs considered this person untrustworthy because of the second part of the experiment in which the man showed them an empty container. Conclusion:

Dogs can recognize an untrustworthy person. The same experiment was repeated with another person. Despite previous human experiments, dogs do not judge in advance and show confidence in the second human, despite the fact that the first person deceived them.

From these experiments, scientists have concluded that dogs have a fairly sophisticated social intelligence. Scientists say that social intelligence in dogs has evolved selectively through their long history with humans.

How can dogs spot a bad person?

When a person has bad intentions, his heartbeat accelerates and the secretion of certain chemicals such as adrenaline increases. This causes the person to start sweating more than usual. Dogs have strong sense of smell and this condition can be easily noticed in a person, so they can easily recognize the intentions of that person. Dogs’ instincts are very sharp and they can feel danger and bad vibrations. They react by being afraid or being too aggressive.

Other studies have shown that dogs refuse food from people who are rude to their owners. For example, if an owner’s interlocutor is perceived as a threat or simply an unpleasant person and the same person offers them food afterwards, the dogs will not accept. This means that dogs read humans clearly and even understand human relationships. Some other studies have examined the intelligence of dogs, so it has been proven that some dogs are more intelligent, and according to the findings of psychologist Stanley Koren, a list has been made of the 10 most intelligent breeds:

1. Border cars
2. Poodle
3. German Shepherd
4. Golden Retriever
5. Doberman Pinscher
6. Shetland Shepherd
7. Labrador Retriever
8. Papillon
9. Rottweiler
10. Australian Shepherd