Can you Find the Letter C in this Puzzle in Less than 7 Seconds? 99% of People Can’t!

Eye tests are also challenging for people all over the world. Just like all the other puzzles. This is a great eye test that will show your visual abilities.

Your task is to find out where the letter C is in this picture. Let’s try and show your perceptual and visual abilities!

Hint: Do not stare at the picture for too long, because an optical illusion begins to appear and you see the letter C everywhere in the picture, but in fact it is not there in so many places.

How are you? Were you able to find the letter C? How long did it take you to do that? Write us your experience below in the comments. At the same time, we congratulate you, your visual and perceptual abilities are at an enviable level.

If any of you still could not find the letter C in this picture, between all the letters o or 0, then in the following we will reveal where exactly the letter C is located. Yes, it has only one place in this picture. Look where below!