Can you Find the Mistake in This Picture ?! 9 of 10 Respondents Can not. Can you?

What are your visual abilities? Can you easily notice even the smallest details? You may be doing well in everyday life and easily finding lost items or noticing new accessories or new clothes with your friends, but will you be able to find the mistake that exists in this picture? Show your visual abilities and try to discover all the mistakes in the following 10 pictures below.

# 1 On the Kitchen Table

In this picture you are sure to see the first things that the average observer sees, and they are cookies, tea and the electric jug. But what is wrong with this photo, ie where is the mistake of this photo? Did you notice the mistake right away? The error is in the markings on the electric jug, min and max are placed in the opposite direction, ie min should be down and max in the upper part.

# 2 English Homework

What is wrong with this picture? We see a child drawing books and some other details. But where is the mistake here? If you are a lover of classical literature, you must have noticed the mistake right away. The mistake is in the name of the author, which is written in the book The Baskervilles’ Dog. The author of this book is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, not Charles Dickens. The other two books Big Expectations and Hard Times were really written by Charles Dickens.

# 3 Tricky Trains

In this photo it is evident that you will notice the two trains first. But what is wrong here? We see two locomotives on one train, while on the other there is no locomotive at all, only wagons.

# 4 A Quick Peek at the Calendar

In this picture he first noticed the numbers on the calendar, we are sure of that. But did you immediately notice the mistake? The error is in the dates on the calendar and on the computer screen. 2018 is on the calendar and 2017 is on the screen. As an explanation we can say the fact that the computers are made so that the date stays updated on the appropriate date. So it is not possible for the person in the picture to have a calendar from next year.

# 5 Bunch of Grapes

Everything seems to be fine here. We see a nice bunch of grapes and a leaf in the background. Here is the mistake – this leaf is not a vine leaf at all, on the contrary it looks like a fern, so it definitely does not fit into this picture.

Spot the Hidden Item


# 6 Find the Hidden Moth

What is wrong with this picture?

# 7 Find the Hidden Dancer

Here you have to find a hidden figure that does not belong in the sea of flamingos. At first glance you may not notice it, but if you look better you will notice a dancer pirouette among these pink flamingos.

# 8 Find the Hidden Ghost

This image is a typical Halloween image. The illustrator of this picture is Gergely Dudes who is great at drawing such illustrations with hidden objects.

# 9 Find the Hidden Corgi

What is wrong with this perfect garden full of birds? We seem to see greenery, flowers, birds, but where is the intruder hiding? You must have noticed the dog in the background lurking hidden behind the flowers.

# 10 Find the Hidden Tutu

Beautiful drawing filled with watermelons. But where is the tutu in this picture? It has the same color as the watermelons so its dancer can not find it. Did you manage to find him?

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