Can You find the Odd Letter in the Pictures? If You Can, Your Eyesight is Perfect!

It’s no secret that we sometimes take our sight for granted when we should really appreciate what we have. Our eyes are the first ones to warn us if a danger is near. They’re the ones that send information to our brain for processing and adequate reaction. Most of the time we make our decisions about something or someone based on what we see but we don’t even realize it. All of this happens in our subconscious and we do it without being aware of it.

Our brain is pretty fast when it comes to processing information we see, it only needs about 1/10 of a second, sometimes less, to do it effectively. This is why sometimes our eyes need a shortcut so that they can keep up with all the info our brain is processing. And that’s when optical illusions happen. That’s when we sometimes see something that isn’t really there.

Below you will find 13 pictures of letters and when you first look at them you will think al of the letters are the same. The last few images are particularly confusing. But each and every one of these pictures contains an odd letter, a letter that’s not the same as the others. In the first few pictures, it’s easy to spot it quickly, but as you go down towards the last ones, you will really strain your eyes. Some people can’t spot them and get really confused by the illusion. Even when they know it’s there, they still can’t see it. Check the pictures out for yourself and see how you do. Remember to take a pen and paper to write down your answers and check if you’re right. The answers to all of the optical illusions are written at the end, so don’t scroll too much unless you want a spoiler. You can even make things more interesting and turn on a timer to see how fast you’ll solve them.  We really struggled with the last few pictures but got them all in the end under 2 minutes. Can you do it faster?

Here are the pictures and we hope you’ll have some fun:











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