Can You Finish this Challenging Eye Test?

What are your observational skills? These skills allow us to remember things we’ve seen vividly and can be checked and improved with various brain challenges. Optical illusions are the perfect way to do it. Thanks to the brain challenges below, you can easily determine your observational skills.

Take a look at the picture and find the ‘5’ in each in half a minute. Try passing the test without a mistake.

  • Find The ‘5’ in 30 Seconds!

  • Find The ‘5’ in 30 Seconds!

Did you do it? If you did on all the pics, you have excellent observational skills. Doing the test in just 30 seconds is the mark of someone who can spot things from a mile away and a person who has great processing skills and mental abilities.

How to Strengthen Your Observational Skills

There are many things that can improve your observational skills with ease. These include (but are not limited to) seasonal observational skills such as:

  • The Maypole celebrations on May 1;
  • The lantern walk-in on November 11;
  • Candlemas on February 2.

According to studies, naturel can help improve our observational skills too. Focusing on leaf shapes, looking at the behavior of birds, and focusing on animal tracks can all be helpful in improve our observational skills.

This is especially important for children who learn about the world through sensory observations. You can encourage observation by prompting your children to look at the sky, baby animals, and helping them understand different tree shapes. This will allow them to strengthen their observational skills and through that, they can mature much faster.

When they’re ready, you can show them the optical illusion and challenge them to find the fives in 30 seconds. Don’t push too hard when they’re little, though – you don’t want to ‘melt’ their brain away.

  • Find The ‘5’ in 30 Seconds!

  • Find The ‘5’ in 30 Seconds!

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