Can You Recognize The Right Form of Letter g?

It often happens that we can not recognize things when we see them in an unusual place from what we are used to. It happens that we see a person in a random place and we can not remember how we know him / her. Tests for recognizing the logos of famous restaurants, cafes, etc. often appear on the Internet. Google itself has done a test to see if we can recognize the colors of the logo that we see every day. It all comes down to our perception and how much we “process” what we see. Our brain is a complex organ that receives too much information, and depending on human capacity retains some of it. That is why something happens that we often see in everyday life, when exactly that thing is pointed out at a random place and time, that we can not recognize.

In the following video you will need to recognize the right form of letter g. It is part of the alphabet that we have seen a billion times. But do we remember what it looks like? Some research has shown that in fact many respondents can not remember how the letter g is written, they can not recognize it when they see the right for of letter g.

Watch the video and try to find the right form of letter g.

The correct form of the letter g is the letter under the number 3. Are you surprised?