Can You Solve This “Impossible“ Math Question?

Mathematics is generally a science that is not very popular with students from the youngest to the oldest. But for those who love math and math challenges, this math task will be a real challenge to solve.

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This is a task that was set as homework for a 10-year-old boy in the UK. The task is as follows: Calculate the perimeter of the composite rectilinear shapes. The child had a problem in solving this task, so he asked for help from his father. His father was a great mathematician, but he still could not find the answer to this math problem. The father decided to share this math problem on the popular social network Facebook. He hoped to get the right solution from the users of this social network. However, only a few people managed to crack it. The father explains that he spent hours unsuccessfully solving this mathematical problem. He tried to get a solution from his friends who have degrees in economics, professors of mathematics, but he did not get the solution from any of them.

There was real confusion around this math problem. Some of the users received the solution 44 for both issues. The second question is more confusing than the first. First, there is a vague measure of 2 cm because it is not clear to which side that measure refers. However, if you assume it is the smaller vertical side to the left of the measurement, you can also work it out.
In addition, take a look at the answers we found on the social network Twitter. One thing is for sure, everyone agrees that this is a very difficult mathematical task for a 10-year-old student.

Maybe you managed to get the right solution? Did you manage to find the correct answer? Leave us your comment on how to resolve and explain it.