Can you Solve this Tricky Brain Teaser?

Optical illusions are one of the funniest games. With them you never know if you really see what you see. Most often your brain is deceived by your eyes, you start to see things that do not exist or are not there. Optical illusions are illusions that are complemented by your brain. In other words, your eyes see something that is not logical, and your brain, to complement the image, imagines that it is seeing things that are not really there. This creates the optical illusion in your brain. It is also known that not all eyes see the same way, so that what you do not see, someone else may see, but vice versa, what you see, someone else may not see.

How many legs do you see in the picture?

Take a good look at this picture. Try to note every detail that will bring you to the right answer. It seems simple and you think you can immediately count your feet in this picture, but take a closer look. In this picture there are two types of feet, according to the shoes, one is male feet, the other is female. Black pants have black shoes, the other legs wear red and red heels, so they are female feet. Look closely at the picture if you failed to notice both pairs of legs. After our observation, you must have noticed them, right? So now, did you manage to count all the legs in the picture?

Optical illusions deceive the brain. Often the things we see around the image can affect the overall image that is formed in the brain. Personal perception also affects the perception of the object. The brain has the ability to make quick decisions about what the eye should see, not how the eye actually sees it. The brain knows how to guess what the eye should see. Strange isn’t it? Although scientists have not yet discovered what exactly happens and how it is possible for the brain to be deceived, as well as what exactly happens in the brain, still optical illusions are fun and definitely fill the observer’s free time with fun.