Meet the Blue Java Banana – the Banana that Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream.

Meet the Blue Java Banana Have you ever heard of the Blue Java Banana? It’s a type of banana that tastes amazingly similar to vanilla ice-cream. It even has the consistency of ice-cream! That’s how it got its name in Hawaii – the ice cream banana, while Central America calls it cenizo and Fiji named it Hawaiian banana. The Blue Java has a blue peel before it ripens and a sweet aroma. Once they are ripe, the peel changes to yellow-green and the inside becomes yellowish-white. It’s originally from Southeast…

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Extract from the Green Amaranth Plant May be a Potential Remedy for Diabetes

Green Amaranth Nutritional Value Many people have never heard of the green amaranth plant, but it’s a tremendous herb that abounds in a number of health benefits. It’s an edible leafy veggie, native to subtropical and tropical regions. It can be eaten raw or cooked and it’s abundant in antioxidants, phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. All of these beneficial nutrients contribute towards the promotion of our overall health. Green Amaranth contains the following nutrients: Vitamin C Vitamin A Potassium Niacin Magnesium Thiamine Phosphorus Sodium Riboflavin 100gr of green amaranth contain 3gr…

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France the First EU Country to Ban Five Neonicotinoids Lethal to Bees

In order to preserve bees and restore balance in nature, France became the first EU country to ban five neonicotinoid pesticides linked to high rates of bee deaths. Pollinating insects such as bees are much more important than you think. Love mangos, apples, and avocados? Well, you can thank bees for all these fruits. They play a critical role in the environment – according to studies, over 85% of all plant species on Earth depend on pollination. A third of the food we eat comes from pollinated plants, so they’re…

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