College Student gets New Car after Walking 20 Miles to Work on First Day

The first day of a new job is especially difficult for anyone who has experienced it. That day is the most unforgettable, the most intense but also the most stressful day. New job, new colleagues, new environment, many questions in my head: how will I cope, will I fit in, will my colleagues accept me, etc. In front of you is a new environment in which you need to meet your new co-workers, make a good impression, learn the rules in the company and simply fit in.

The first working day was experienced by Walter Carr in 2018. Voltaire got a job at Bellhops, an Alabama relocation company. The location of his new job was almost 20 miles from his home. Unfortunately, Voltaire’s car broke down so he could not go with him on his first day of work. Voltaire’s day started particularly early, given the fact that he had to find a way to get to his new job on time. The day before his first day of work, Voltaire slept only 4 hours, and in order to arrive on time he had to leave around midnight. It took him 4 hours to walk from his home to his company. Throughout his journey, fortunately, during the night while he was walking, police officers saw him and asked him what he was doing so late at night. Voltaire told them his whole story, so the police took pity on him and took him to the nearest fast food restaurant. They then promised to take Walter to work, but Voltaire had no time to wait. However, he continued on his way again. Meanwhile, when the officers returned, Voltaire was gone. They looked for him everywhere, and after finding him, they transported him to his new job. When they got there, the police told this amazing story to Jenny Lamey, the owner of the company. Even more interesting in the whole story is the fact that Voltaire arrived at his new job even earlier than he should have. The story was also told among the collaborators. This story is really inspiring and everyone who heard it admired Voltaire’s perseverance and loyalty. Bellhops CEO Luke Marklin also heard this story.

The real surprise for Voltaire was only then. Luke received a car from his CEO. Yes yes, you read that right, Voltaire got a real car. Marlin’s own new 2014 Ford Escape. Can you imagine Voltaire’s reaction? How would you feel if you received a car from your manager? Of course, Voltaire could not hold back his tears. Voltaire did not come from a wealthy family, on the contrary. Voltaire is a modest boy who just wanted to be on time for his new job and show his commitment to the job. For his dedication he received a huge gift, which will certainly come in handy so he can continue coming to work without having to walk more than 20 miles.