Delicious Pancake Recipes

Do you often make pancakes? As soon as pancakes are mentioned, we are sure that you will immediately come across images of beautiful hot and delicious pancakes stuffed with nutella and topped with fruit or chocolate toppings. For salty pancake lovers, the first images that come up are pancakes with salty filling, topped with ketchup and lots of yellow cheese. Mmmm. However, the fact is that no one can resist them. Some people like pancakes without eggs and milk, and some people like the taste of classic pancakes.

The history of the preparation of pancakes

The history of making pancakes dates back a long time. The first mixture that was prepared dates back to 462, when the cook prepared them for Pope Gelacier I. The mixture from which the pancakes were made consisted of flour, eggs, milk and spices. These pancakes were intended for the diet of many hungry people. Otherwise, this pancake batter was prepared due to lack of food, and in that period ingredients such as flour, eggs and milk were in abundance. This dish was originally called “placenta” which means plate. The pancakes are delicious with any filling, whether it is light or salty, so they can be made with various combinations. Their mixture is very similar to that for donuts, waffles, etc.

Recipe for perfect pancakes

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It is certain that there is no person who does not know at least one recipe for pancakes. Although basically all the same, the difference is in the weight of the ingredients and maybe some secret spice for those who want to add a specific taste to the pancakes. For the pancake dough to be smooth, not too heavy or too thick, this recipe is great with precise measures. Read on.


– 250 grams of flour
– ½ liter of milk
– ¼ liter of acidic water
– 3 eggs
– 2 tablespoons oil
– a pinch of salt.

Note: weigh accurately, do not add anything and do not subtract anything.

Preparation of pancakes:

You will also need a mixer to prepare the pancake batter. In a bowl, first beat the eggs together with the sugar. Then add the milk and sour water and continue to whisk. Once the whole mixture is perfectly combined, add the oil and salt. Continue to mix a little more and the mixture is ready.

Extra tip:

Once you have prepared the pancake mixture, it is best to leave the dough to rest in the fridge for about 15 minutes. This way the mixture will mix well, and with that the frying of the pancakes will be much easier.

Frying pancakes:

To fry your pancakes perfectly, first add enough oil to the pancake pan to cover the bottom of the pancakes and let it heat up nicely. Add the pancake mixture and fry for 2-3 minutes on one side, then turn the pancake on the other side to fry the pancake properly on both sides.

In addition, read a few more recipes for delicious pancakes.

American pancakes

The pancakes are perfectly delicious no matter what filling they are stuffed with. American pancakes are different from those pancakes that are made in Europe (read the recipe at the beginning of the text). The main difference between American pancakes and European pancakes is the thickness. American pancakes are almost half a centimeter thick, and their structure is airy and spongy.


– 200 grams of flour
– 2 tablespoons of sugar
– 1 baking powder
– a pinch of salt
– 240 ml of milk
– 2 eggs
– 60 grams of butter

Preparation of pancakes:

First mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. On the side, in another bowl, beat the eggs well, then add the milk. Then add the dry ingredients to the bowl with the eggs and milk and whisk together. Melt the butter in a pan on the fire and add it to the pancake mixture. Leave the prepared dough in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to rest. This way the ingredients will combine nicely.

Frying pancakes:

Heat the pancake pan over medium heat, then add the dough with a spoon and form a circle. You need to fry the pancakes until they turn golden brown, and that would be frying for about 2.5 minutes on both sides. Then you can fill the pancakes as you wish.

Beer pancakes

This certainly sounds weird to you and you probably did not think you could make pancakes with beer. But, in fact, beer has a similar effect as yeast, so by using it in the pancake batter, you will get a mixture that has a more unusual taste.

Ingredients needed:

– 3 eggs
– 200 grams of flour
– beer (if necessary, ie until the mixture reaches a density that is thinly squeezed through a spoon)
– a pinch of salt.

With this pancake batter you can prepare from 10 to 15 pancakes, depending on their thickness.


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, mashing until a compact airy mixture is obtained. The mixture should be neither too thick nor too thin. You can use different types of cheese or yellow cheese to fill these pancakes with beer, it would also be great to add oregano or some other spice of your choice. You can also add your favorite delicacy product. You can actually make pizza filling.


Pancakes with banana butter

These pancakes are healthy and easy to prepare.


– flour
– 1 egg
– buttermilk
– bananas
– baking powder
– a pinch of salt
– vanilla extract
– oil


You will not need more than 10 minutes for these buttermilk pancakes. Mix the wet ingredients well in a bowl to combine. Then add the dry ingredients and mix together to combine the mixture well. Add oil to the pancake pan and let the pan heat up. Use a 1/4 cup measuring cup to spread the dough on the pan. How do you know when to turn the pancakes? It’s easy, when you see bubbles on the dough, then it’s the right time to turn the pancake on the other side.