Detailed Instructions on How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed Easily In your Own Home

People these days tend to turn their attention towards a healthier lifestyle. The subject today is connected with fruits that are good for your well-being, and how to grow them yourself. Fruits that are filled with vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and would make a perfect fit for your garden. These are two citrus fruits, the lemon and the tangerine. Also, let us not forget the matter of avoiding chemicals that can be easily found in the products we buy from our local store, thus, finding a way of experiencing the freshness of a home-grown nutriment.

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When it comes to growing a lemon tree in your home, it is best said to buy a “baby tree”, just a couple of years old, and put it in a suitable clay pot, while checking that it has enough holes on the bottom to let the water flow easily. It is of utmost importance that the pot suits the roots, because once they start to grow, they are going to require space, and you cannot transfer the tree from one pot to another too often. Furthermore, when filling the pot up with soil, you previously need to look up which sorts of soil would best fit the growth of your tree. Then, make sure you provide your plant the necessary sunlight, 8-10 hours of it per day. Water it regularly, but be careful not to overflow it. At the end, if nurtured correctly, after 6-9 months you will get fresh, tasty lemons which will make one great lemonade.


But, if you have more time on your hands, you can also plant a seed and grow the tree “from scratch”. You will need a lemon, a planting and a seedling pot, and of course a suitable soil to enhance the growth of the tree. First, you are going to moist the potting soil just a little bit, then take a seed from the lemon, carefully cleared from the pulp but still fresh, and plant it half an inch deep in the middle of the pot. Be gentle when watering it, and put it in a warm, safe environment, with a lot of sunlight. Cover it with cellophane, secure it and then poke multiple holes on it so it allows the plant to breathe. Bear in mind to water it regularly and carefully. After a couple of weeks, you will spot the tiny little plant, which is when the cellophane is removed. Give it enough sunlight, keep it safe from bugs, and keep it clean, especially from dead leaves. Once it grows out of its pot, you can transfer it to a bigger one, the procedure is exactly as the planting one. Never forget to provide a decent amount of water.


Now, if you’re taking into consideration a mandarin tree, the process is much easier when buying a small tree rather than growing one yourself “from scratch”. The process is identical to the one we had for growing a lemon tree. Give it enough sunlight, water it regularly, keep it clean. These trees do not grow very tall, so they are considered an excellent home plant. Don’t forget not to pick the fruits too early, for they might not taste as well as they should. At the end, an additional tip – while picking a fruit, always leave the button on top of it. Enjoy!