Do you have pain in your feet? Learn about the Possible Reasons for it!

All people, whether men or women, have experienced foot pain at least once. This happens most often with girls, when they put on a new pair of shoes. New shoes almost always cause terrible pain and make sores on the feet. Even according to statistics, uncomfortable shoes are the most common source of foot pain in women. This includes high heels, which are a favorite of most women. But if these are not uncomfortable shoes, the pain may have other origins. Here are some common causes of foot pain, not just shoes.

Pain around the big toe

Most often, the pain around the big toe occurs after an injury to the big toe that you probably did not even know happened. The reason for this phenomenon may be wearing too tight shoes for a long time, but the cause can also be a sports injury, especially if it is a practice of sports such as karate or football. Although it is a less common cause, it still exists and that is arthritic inflammation. This arthritic inflammation occurs due to the presence of cavities in the joints or urea, the crystals of which stick to the joint.

Pain in the front of the foot

Have you ever felt pain in your toes when wearing high heels? First you need to check if it might be an injury. If you do not have any injury in that area of ​​the foot, then the other possible causes are rheumatoid arthritis, which is the main cause of joint pain. In fact, pain in this area of ​​the foot is the first indication of rheumatoid arthritis. It is a chronic disease, which you can get rid of with regular therapy and the use of medication.

Pain in the heel area

If the pain you feel is in the heel area, which is usually smaller in the morning and gets bigger during the day, it may be an indication of inflammation of the tissue that connects to the root of the toes through the arch. It is interesting that this pain usually disappears when you move, and the moment you sit down to rest it increases. This happens for the simple reason that there is not enough pressure on the bones and muscles. This problem is usually treated with topical antibiotic treatment.

Pain in the arch of the foot

It may be the same inflammatory process as the pain in the heel area, but it can still be a consequence of flat feet. This problem usually manifests itself by turning the foot inward. It is advisable to visit an orthopedist in this case, as you will probably need orthopedic shoes to get rid of this problem.

Pain on the outside of the foot

This problem can occur due to displacement of a small bone. This problem most often occurs in ballerinas and people who are actively engaged in running. This pain occurs after prolonged stress on the outside of the foot. The pain caused in this area is usually most intense in the morning, when the bones and muscles are not warm. Once this problem is diagnosed, it is most easily solved with the help of appropriate massages as well as physical therapy.

Pain in the upper surface of the foot, above the ankle

This problem is also known as soccer foot, and occurs as a result of compaction of bones and collection of calcifications between them. Ligament dislocation can also occur due to physical injury, and rest, cold compresses, and compression bandages are needed to reduce pain.

Pain in the root of the thumb

The pain in this area of ​​the thumb means that it is in the process of forming a so-called dead bone. This dead bone appears due to dislocation of the joint and accumulation of calcifications. Of course, women are the ones who are most at risk, due to the increasing frequency of wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Pain in the fingertips

If you feel pain in your fingertips, it is good to know that it is a physical injury or infection. This pain is most common in people who play football and in people who run. This happens for the simple reason that these people are exposed to bumps on the inside of the shoes, and these are intense bumps. Also, a possible cause of pain in this part of the foot is the presence of infection. It is an infection of the nails or their physical damage, which is especially difficult to notice in winter, when we spend very little time barefoot.