Do you Know how Much Income you should have to Afford Rent in the USA?

A well-known fact about the USA is that the minimum wage is not really very high. Accordingly, you may have to ask yourself how much income you should have to afford rent in the USA. According to some reports, the income in each country should be more than double the minimum wage, so that you can afford rent. However, in practice the reality is different. Revenues are not really that big and achievable.

If a person in America earns an average minimum wage, then the chances of being able to afford rent are very small. Given that it is not only the rent, but also the additional monthly expenses such as telephone and internet bills, transportation, food, etc., the real workers who earn the minimum wage in this country, we can freely say that they are considered poor.

According to a report compiled by the National Coalition for Low-Income Housing for 2020, it found that for a citizen to afford a modest two-bedroom room in the USA, the income he needed was double the federal minimum wage of $ 7. $ 25. This is true for almost every state in the USA, except Puerto Rico. The lowest income an Arkansas citizen can afford is $ 14.19 an hour. There, the minimum wage required by the state is $ 10. The minimum wage in Hawaii is $ 10 per hour. So, according to this statistical report, the average American should work 97 hours a week, or 52 weeks a year in order to afford rent.

In general, many citizens face this problem. Experts say this is due to systemic racism and inequality, as well as poor political decisions. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic also made its contribution. Everyone is aware that housing is a basic human need, but still many people can not afford a safe and stable home. In the USA, the lack of affordable housing for low-income people is one of the biggest problems people face.

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The NLIHC has been trying to help citizens get emergency rent by asking the government to release $ 100 billion for the purpose, especially in this pandemic that the whole world is facing. They advocated a moratorium on evictions and seizures in order to protect the homeless and gain more funding for shelters and other housing resources. This is one of the solutions offered by the NLIHC and they will continue to advocate for this issue and to improve the housing of all American citizens.

There are such problems all over the world. Although America is a country with unlimited possibilities, this is obviously not the case for every average person. Housing is an essential need guaranteed by right for every person, but according to the testimonies, not every citizen enjoys that right. It is time for the authorities to wake up and take measures to solve this problem which is of existential need. It is time to take radical measures and every citizen to get their housing rights as well as a safe and warm home.