Do You Know If the Fruits and Veggies You Buy Are GMO?

How do you feel about buying GMO produce? Are you OK with it or you wouldn’t dare to put something like that in your mouth? More and more people are trying to steer clear of GMO produce and do as much as they can to buy organic. However, sometimes we’re not even aware about the product we’re buying and how much of them are actually GMO.

Have you noticed the little stickers on the fruits and veggies in the grocery stores? Those little numbers printed on each of them? Do you have an idea what they represent? If you don’t have a clue what they mean we’re here to enlighten you and help you get informed about the things you eat.

If the sticker is a 4 digit number that starts with 4 or 3, it’s a fruit or veggie that has been produced with the use of artificial fertilizer.

If the sticker is a 5-digit number that starts with 9 you can rest assured that what you’re buying is completely organic. No artificial fertilizers or pesticides have been used on them.

If you bought a fruit or veggie that has a 5-digit number on the sticker and starts with 8 then it’s a GMO produce.