Do you know what these Mystery Items are?

We are constantly discovering new things, which were used in the past, and now no one knows what their purpose was, nor what they were used for, nor what they are called. Time passes quickly, things change, technology advances at the speed of light. Many of the items that were once used are now nowhere to be bought or used.


These are some of the items that almost no one knows what they are called or what they are used for.


  • This is a strange metal construction that you probably have no idea what it is for. At first glance, he looks like a man with a hat, who is in a bent position. What could this item be for? It has a strange shape and bumps, and is only one or two millimeters thick.


This is a weird key that opens those toilet paper dispensers in public toilets.


  • This item definitely looks like a bomb which should be hidden under the car and cause damage with its explosion.


Don’t worry, this is not a bomb. In fact, this is the GPS device that is present in all modern cars. These devices are used to help you find your car if someone steals it from you.


  • At first glance this seems like an ornament to the wheel of a ship? Or maybe like a wheel with decorative spoons on it? What is the purpose of this item?



This item is actually a wall hanger for your ties. It is a practical object that rotates to make it easier for you to choose the tie you would like to wear.


  • You really have no idea what this seemingly bizarre object can be used for, right?


This seemingly bizarre subject has a really practical application and you will be surprised what it’s all about. This object helps you to turn on bulbs that are too high. Don’t even think about it, do you?


  • What do you think this rusty metal object that was found on an old porch and can be folded was used for?

This is an item used for recycling cans or so-called can crushers. It is a practical little invention with which recycling is really facilitated.


  • This spoon could make a 2-for-1 soupnight very intimate…

It is a subject that is part of African art. It has the symbolism of two different universes that are connected.


  • Is this a foldable crown?


This is not a crown, but it is part of the Victorian era and is actually a purse.


  • This looks like some weird torture device, right?

But this is not a torture device. This is an item that cuts the top of a hard-boiled egg. You certainly did not think of that, did you?



  • What is the purpose of this object that looks like an ear tooth?

This is an item that serves to remove fine hairs on the face. It works by pulling the pink parts and probably opening the springs. It is then applied over the hairs you want to remove.


  • This could be an exercise thing. But is that it?

It is a clamp for a hot jar so that your skin does not burn.