Do You Want to be a Magician and Read The Thoughts of People?

Do you sometimes want to have a magic wand with which you can do impossible things? Do you want to be able to read other people’s thoughts? Or maybe you read from people’s eyes what they think at the moment or what they want to do? Do you want to recognize people’s feelings and intentions at a glance?

We cannot give you a magic wand to accomplish this. But thanks to psychology we can offer you psychological tricks with which you can discover many things in people, things that they will not say. And you will not need magic or magic tricks, you will only use mind tricks.


  • Build stronger relationships with people

It has been proven that stronger relationships are built between people with whom you have joint activities. Think, for example, of your childhood when you played football with your friends, where it was much easier for you to build a relationship with them because of that closeness. The next time you have a relationship, try to have joint activities with your partner that would raise your blood pressure, for example go to an adrenaline park or climb a rock. In such activities where you have adrenaline, endorphins is released, which is also known as the hormone of happiness. It improves your mood and helps you feel comfortable and ready to meet new people.


  • How do you get someone to tell you something more?

When you are in a conversation with someone, in order to find out all the information that he or she wants to tell you, it is best to be a good listener and to listen what the other person wants to tell you and not interrupt.
How to be remembered in a job interview?
Are you one of the few people who get nervous when going to a job interview? Do you think that you will not excel enough to get the job? According to some research, people remember things that happen at the beginning and the end. So the next time you have a job interview, try to introduce yourself the most at the beginning and end of the interview. Leave the less important things for the middle of the conversation.


  • Make someone feel important

There are several ways to make someone feel important. For example, at a party if you meet someone, after hearing his / her name, say “Hello Jill, I’m glad I met you”. Repeat his / her name throughout the conversation. That way you will give a good first impression and that person will feel important. Another way for someone to feel important is to paraphrase their statements during the conversation. It will mean that you listen to what they are saying and they will also feel important.


  • Get people to trust you

For example, if I told you, “I think this trick is quite effective,” and if I told you, “This trick is quite effective,” which statement would you trust more? Naturally, you will trust the second statement more. Why? When you say “I think” the interlocutor feels your statement as unsure. With the second statement you give a feeling of reliability and confidentiality.


  • Keep people’s attention

Eye contact is most important for this trick. When talking to someone, keep eye contact, because that way people hear what you are saying, pay attention to what you are saying to them and also to believe what you say. For example, if your interlocutor looks at his cell phone while you are talking to him, make sure that he does not hear a single word that you say to him. Practice eye contact to keep the other person’s attention.


  • Control other people’s assumptions about you

It is well known that the first impression is especially important. When meeting someone, talk about topics that you will find close to both of you. For example, place of residence, education, interests, etc. Find a common theme and elaborate on it. This will make a good first impression on you and will create good assumptions about you in the other person.


  • How do you get someone to help you?

Sometimes each of us needs some kind of favor from a friend. But if it is a difficult favor, the desire to help us decreases. So how do we get them to help us anyway? Instead of asking for a favor directly with the question “Can you do that?”, ask the question: “When will it be convenient for you to feed my cat while I am out of town, in the morning or in the evening?”. That way you will be able to choose a term that suits them, without being able to reject you and in the end to accept to help you.


  • How do you know if someone is secretly looking at you?

An infectious trick will serve you for this. Why do we say contagious? Imagine that you are in a room and you feel that someone around you is secretly looking at you. How do you know if this is really the case? Start yawning. In 99% of cases, the person who is secretly watching you will start yawning. Yawning is “contagious”. It has not yet been proven by experts why yawning happens when we see someone else yawning, but it still happens. Maybe it’s empathy, which is actually a natural ability in humans. Funny isn’t it? Try and be surprised by the success of this trick.


  • Diffuse a conflict with food

If you come into conflict with a loved one, have you ever considered which is the best place to settle things out? You may not have even thought that the place had anything to do with it. But we tell you for sure that it is still of great importance. Instead of sitting at home or going to a park, the best place to settle things out, believe it or not, is actually a restaurant. Wondering why? Food has the power to distract you from the problem. That is, your brain will be divided by thoughts focused on food on the one hand and the problem on the other. Food serves as a distraction and will reduce the tension between you.