Do Young People Need Home Economics Classes?

Have you heard of home economics? Do you know what that means? These are classes that girls used to attend in school in the past. In those classes, the girls learned how to take care of the home, how to take care of the family and how to dispose of the resources in the home. This practice of attending home economics classes was practiced in the 19th and 20th centuries and was fairly rigorously evaluated and valued. Towards the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, these classes became less and less practiced. The focus of young women’s education was on preparing girls for college.

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According to the professors, this practice was quite effective and useful for the girls who attended. Educators believe that these home economics classes should be returned to schools. They believe that young girls should acquire certain skills and knowledge in the field of domestic economy and that they should not complete their education with such superficial knowledge. They think that it will be necessary for them to be able to practice reasonable spending of funds in the home, both financially and materially. Some professors call this knowledge “Life Skills”.


Experts believe that these classes should be mandatory and as such should be introduced in teaching in high schools. The main topic of these classes would be the appropriate distribution of the family budget, comparing prices in different markets, buying more economical groceries, basic cooking skills, as well as proper distribution and use of time. Experts believe that these classes would be a great preparation for the real life of young girls. According to experts, such home economics classes will create much better knowledge for girls, will create practical habits and lasting knowledge that will benefit them throughout life.


Domestic economy for the 21st century


Nowadays, many things have changed since the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, both boys and girls possess skills that they have learned unintentionally or intentionally. For example, nowadays the percentage of girls or women who drive a type of motor vehicle is much higher, so if it happens that a tire is punctured, they can easily change the tire of the vehicle before. In terms of household chores, although in the past it was strictly the woman who had to prepare the meals at home, now in the 21st century those things have changed. Men are often in the kitchen preparing delicious meals for the whole family. Of course, in restaurants, the chefs are both men and women. On the other hand, in terms of education, unlike in the 19th century, women are now increasingly striving for further education by enrolling in college. Both women and men increase their level of education by graduating from college. In terms of home finances, both women and men earn, and therefore share in the costs of the home together. So they do the financial management together and organize themselves according to the needs and opportunities.


Hence the question of whether home economics classes are really necessary? Not everyone agreed with this thesis.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think these classes are necessary or that there is no need to reintroduce them to high schools? We will be glad if you share your thoughts in the comments.