Does your Neck Hurts in the Morning? Here is how you can Solve that in Just 10 Seconds

Everyone hates waking up with sore and stiff neck. However, this problem is very common and sometimes really unpleasant. Although it does not seem so dangerous or serious, it is not a good feeling. Yet there is something you can do to relieve the unpleasant neck pain in just 10 seconds. It may sound unbelievable, but we suggest you try out this method and you will see that it will eliminate your neck pain in an instant.

Stiff neck usually comes along with headache, neck pain, shoulder pain or arm pain. It is a result of the muscles weakening over time from too much tension or poor posture. Nowadays, since we spend really long time in front of the computer, it happens very often and it can happen to everyone. The muscles around the neck joints become overstretched by sitting at exactly the same position for a prolonged period of time and we get a neck pain.

Method for Getting Rid of Stiff Neck

The muscles on the neck usually respond to cold weather, stress or tension. If you experience that, this is what you should do.


  • Lay on your back with your arms by your body


  • Take a towel and put it under your right shoulder


  • Lift your right arm in a horizontal line with your elbow and bend it 90 degrees vertically


  • Place your other arm on your chest


  • Lay in this position for 10 seconds and you will not believe how fast the pain will go away

Whether you slept in a bad position last night or you have been sitting and staring tensely at your computer screen for hours on end, this method will remove your neck pain.

When you have a neck pain and you want to do a massage to your neck muscles it is always important to follow several steps if you want to eliminate it:

1. Locate the right spot of the pain

Find the point where you feel the stiffness and on what part of your neck the pain begins. Use your hand to feel along the neck muscles and locate the tense and stiff spots.

2. Give yourself a gentle massage

When you find the right spot put some pressure on them. Be firm but not rigorous, and gentle at the same time. Massage up and down the neck. You can also use some rounded object like a small tennis ball to massage the neck muscles.

3. Stretch

When you are finished with your massage begin with stretching the muscles. Turn your hand down and to the side away from the pain. Do slow and gentle moves in every direction so you will not hurt yourself.

4. Repeat

If you repeat this at least two times, you will feel the difference immediately. If you do not feel it, repeat until your pain is completely gone. It only takes a minute each time you do it. The stiffness and the pain will eventually be gone.