Dog Shot 17 Times and Left for Dead Becomes a Therapy Dog

Maggie is a five-year old stray dog from Lebanon who’s had a pretty rough life. She made the headlines a few years ago after a charity organization found her on her dying breath outside. Maggie was tied to a box pregnant, with ears cut off, cracked jaw and eyelids, and 17 bullets in her body.

The Wild Heart Charity shared the gruesome experience online hoping to find the person responsible for the monstrous act. While the dog has tiny chances to survive, Maggie is a fighter that wouldn’t give up. The dog remained in high spirits during the surgeries and rehabilitation later, attracting the interest of many dog owners from around the world.

Maggie’s story touched the heart of dog enthusiast Kasey Carlin from the UK. She followed all the latest updates on Maggie’s condition and was thinking of adopting her. After her rehab was done, Maggie was blind, but managed to pass the helper dog test to Kasey’s surprise. Now a certified therapy dog, Maggie visits schools with Kasey where she helps children in need.

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Following the horrible story, Maggie now has over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Stories like hers may be hard to bear, but they serve as an undying inspiration to never give up. No matter how cruel people there are in this world, there are kind ones too. Maggie is not the only dog with such a story, but her life keeps getting better every day.

She’s a positive dog with much love and kindness to give. Let her strength serve as an inspiration to us all. No matter how hard life beats you down, you should never give up. Keep moving forward and you can achieve anything you can set your mind on no matter the obstacles.