Dreams Come True – Adult Ice Cream Truck will Deliver Frozen Cocktails to your Home in Houston

The corona virus stops the normal life of every individual. For 2 years the whole world was stopped, people were limited in their movement, limited in all spheres of life. Those restrictions are still felt. Gathering and hanging out with friends was a mission impossible. Sitting at a bar and going out at night could not be achieved and surely each of us misses it. So what if we tell you that there is a way for the drink to come to your home instead of you going to a bar for a drink?

‘Adult Ice Cream Truck’ Delivers Frozen Cocktails Right to Your Door in Houston

A restaurant in Houston understands the importance of going out with adults, they understand that they miss going out at night to a bar for a drink or a cocktail. Bovine & Barley is a popular bar in Houston, which despite the many businesses that lost their revenue during the pandemic, is trying to stay afloat and contribute in some way to the supply of drinks even with delivery. So, the popular bar in Houston Bovine & Barley decided to bring the bar to its customers to their homes. They devised an ideal solution so that they could realize all that. “Adult Ice Cream Truck” is a mobile truck that delivers frozen and carbonated cocktails to adults at their homes. This “Adult Ice Cream Truck” delivers cocktails in the period from 11 am to 8 pm, including various cocktails: Moscow mules, mojito, daikiri, pina colada margaritas. Cocktail prices are $ 9 for 1 drink, $ 16 for 2 drinks, $ 55 for party packages. The flavors are rich in different types of citrus, ginger beer, pineapple, lime, vodka, coconut, tequila and many others.

The restaurant made a statement on one of the local televisions regarding how their work is developing given the circumstances, and they gave a completely positive answer. The restaurant really worked with a lot of calls on a daily basis across the country. People who were their customers, gave various ideas to enrich the menu with snacks to have a complete order with drinks and food. The atmosphere may not be the same as in your favorite bar, but still, given the conditions, you can make the atmosphere in the comfort of your home beautiful and cozy, while enjoying the fantastic cocktails of Bovine & Barley.


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Would you like to have an Adult Ice Cream Truck like this in your area? This is a great idea that could be realized by the restaurants in your place of residence, while having a large number of satisfied customers. Great business in which both parties are satisfied and restaurants or bars and customers who are prevented due to the pandemic to visit their favorite places. So innovators and investors what are you waiting for? This idea can be realized even after the pandemic, so it is a great way for income and innovation with mutual benefit.