Experts Tips on How to Conceive a Boy

Everyone would like to know how a boy or a girl is conceived. However, it’s mostly left to chance, since there’s no sex position that increases the chances of conceiving either. Or is there? According to some experts, there are certain things you can do that will increase your chances of having a male heir.

Of course, the tips we share with you below are not backed by scientific evidence. However, many people have tried them and managed to get a baby boy. While we can’t vouch for them ourselves, you should try them if you want to have a boy. They won’t do you any good, so why not?

Proper Diet

According to many couples, a proper dieting plan can raise the chances of having a baby boy. This means eating a healthy diet consisting of fish, read meat, salty food, and raisins among other foods. Highly alkaline foods can help as well. If this is your second child and you want it to be a boy, try changing your diet before conceiving.

Avoid Acidic Foods

Avoiding acidic foods can also raise the chances of conceiving a baby boy. This goes for both partners. You could try avoiding acidic foods and focus on an alkaline diet – it should give you better chances of having a boy.

Sex on Odd Days

Experts say that male sperms are not as powerful as female sperms, so you should have sex on odd days if you want to have a baby boy. While it’s not guaranteed, it might raise your chances of getting a male heir.

Sleeping on Your Left Side

Some experts claim that ladies should sleep primarily on their left side when trying to conceive a baby boy. You should also be facing North if possible – that’ll raise your chances of having a boy too.

Never Skip Breakfast

Besides the fact that it’s the most important meal of the day, skipping breakfast apparently lowers your chances of having a boy. If you’re going for a meal heir, both you and your lady should have a hearty meal for breakfast.

Deep Penetration

When having sex with your partner, you should make sure that sperm can’t penetrate the vaginal wall without going in deep. The deeper you penetrate, the higher your chances of conceiving a baby boy, so try that if you’re going for a male baby.