Female Orangutan Pregnant, Hungry Tries to Save herself from Bulldozers Destroying Her Home in the Rain Forest

People are increasingly destroying rainforests for profit, but unfortunately they do not think about the wild animals that have built their homes there.
What is the purpose of destroying palm groves? From the palm trees is extracted the oil which is further used as food, biofuel as well as for various household products. According to some data, 66 million tons of palm oil are produced every year. Unfortunately, this greatly contributes to the global destruction of forests, the displacement of the rural population, as well as the local animal species that have established their homes right there.

On an island in Malaysia, in a rainforest in Borneo, mass bulldozers began destroying the forest. This story is true and told by the animal rescuers who filmed this. During the destruction of the rainforest, a pregnant female orangutan named Bon-Mee climbed the tallest last tree left in the rainforest in an attempt to save herself.

This female orangutan was lucky because the plantation owners had a kind heart and reached out to the UK – based charity Internet Animal Rescue (IAR) to ask for help for the mother. The team arrived a few hours later and were surprised to find other orangutans besides Bon Mee, Charanya another mother who was with her baby baby orangutan and another orangutan female Kalaya with her cub. All the orangutans were malnourished and weak, so the rescuers explained that they climbed the tall trees with the last of their strength, trying to save themselves and their little ones. The frightened animals desperately sought food and even began to feed on the trees in which they were trying to hide.

An IAR official, Lis Key, said that fortunately, this time, the company did the right thing and saved the animals’ lives, rather than chasing or killing them. Fortunately, all the orangutans were taken to a shelter to recover and then released into a new forest area. The IAR has asked for a halt to further clearing the land because they believe there are other orangutans still trapped.

Alan Knight, chief executive of International Rescue Animals, said that if the current destruction of the rainforest continued, he had absolutely no hope that all the orangutans would remain in the wild. He added that if we do not stop destroying them, orangutans will be extinct from the planet within 10 years.

Deforestation is definitely a global environmental problem. On the one hand there are the many benefits that come from trees, but on the other hand there are the homes of wildlife that live there. It is a problem that affects both humans and wildlife. An appropriate solution to that problem should be found somehow, because in sports we will all suffer the damage that we humans will cause. On the one hand, the damage that we will all feel due to the destruction of rainforests and all forests in the world in general, due to reduced oxygen and numerous other damages. On the other hand, the extinction of the already endemic species of orangutans, which are killed in large numbers annually to make a profit.