Find out about the Million Dollar Offer that was Turned Down

Edith Macefield is an 84-year-old woman living in Seattle, Washington. In the mid-2000s, developers came up with the idea of ​​building a large shopping mall in Seattle, Washington. However, there were houses in that place before and those houses were inhabited. The developers offered them nice and solid sums of money in order to give the land to the locals, so that they could build a shopping center on the site. All of Edith’s neighbors accepted, and they were happy to take a good amount of money and get through it. But Edith is not so easily convinced of the offer that the other neighbors did not reject.

Edith Macefield was offered $ 1 million. But believe it or not, Edith did not accept that amount either. She did not want to move, she had precious memories in her house and the money meant nothing to her and as she said, there was no money that could change her opinion and decision. If investors were to return there, there would be no choice but to change their plans and build a mall in Edith’s home and courtyard.

Sadly, Edith died of pancreatic cancer in 2008 after just a few years. She bequeathed the house to her husband Barry Martin. Barry wanted to turn the old house into a memorial to Edith, but his intentions cost him a fortune, so in the end he had to put the house up for auction, and a real estate company that later acquired the house turned it into a café and bakery. But the cost of renovating the house was too great, so in the end Edith’s house simply had to be demolished. The house still exists today and is located at 1438 N.W. 46th Street in Seattle.