Fitness Model Is 262 Pounds at 46 Years Old and Claims he is All Natural

Mike O’Hearn is a bodybuilder from Southern California with an unbelievable story of how he achieved to shape up his body muscles. He is 46 years old and he is has 262 pounds of perfectly shaped muscle which only contains fat percentage of six. The amazing part is that although everyone who takes a glance at him might think he uses steroids he claims he doesn’t and he has never done that to maintain his perfect figure.

How Is It Possible to Build Up All Natural?

He is one of the most popular fitness models and it is unbelievable to most of his fans how is he still natural. Mike actually is used to the fact that people think he is on steroids, since he has been hearing the same thing since he was 16 and he was 270 pounds.

However, Mike O’Hearn has done countless drug tests and he has never failed one. None of them ever showed that he has been using steroids. He even did polygraph tests before bodybuilding shows but he always showed he has always been clean. He won Natural Mr. Universe four ties and he was also inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame for judo.

What is His Secret?

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Although everyone awes in disbelief and considers O’Hearn a freak of nature, he does not see anything unusual when it comes to his appearance. That is because he has spent almost his entire life in the gym. He started going to the gym when he was 11 years old with his father. Working out among legends like Doyle Kenady and Jeff Magruder, he started training and doing 800-pound deadlifts.

He started competing in natural bodybuilding shows when he was only 14 years old. He won many of them and as he was growing, he was getting taller and heavier. When he discovered power bodybuilding he learned how to build more strength and grow more in size. He started lifting heavy weights, but he did a few repetitions and more sets. And that was the start of his success in bodybuilding. He says that this way he can keep the muscle instead of getting smaller.

People’s Favorite Trainer

Mike O’Hearn has many fans and followers who believe in him. He trains young and even guys in their 40 to train hard and he observes them carefully and points their flaws in their techniques. One of these followers says that it is totally worth it to work with him and follow his advice, all because he has done so much to his body and he is still natural. One session with Mike lasts for three hours of bodybuilding. He is also very popular in social media, where he often shares his training techniques and gives nutrition advices.

He Has Never Been Tempted

Although Mike was growing in an environment where you can easily fall under the temptation to take steroids and any time, he never did it. Even his two brothers and a sister took steroids, but he has not even tried once. Usually your siblings, especially brothers are competitive and you do whatever they do and you think it’s cool. However, Mike did the exact opposite of what they did, whether it was alcohol, going out and staying up late, or steroids.

The best part is that Mike never dropped his weight drastically like when it would happen if you were using steroids and stopped. Although his brothers were able to lift more in a shorter period of time and get bigger, once they stopped using steroids, he would catch them. His weight never varied up and down so drastically and that is what made him healthy and strong.

He is aware that he could have set records with steroids, but he says that steroids break down your connective tissue and as a result you age faster. That is why he has so many admires and fans who travel even from the opposite parts of the world just to take a picture with him.